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Vectorworks 2020 SP3

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Üyelik tarihi: Sep 2019
Mesajlar: 9.352
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chinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud ofchinatrang20 has much to be proud of
Standart Vectorworks 2020 SP3

Vectorworks 2020 SP3

Vectorworks 2020 SP3 | 2.5 Gb

Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Vectorworks 2020 SP3. This update brings improved software performance, quality enhancements and bug fixes that improve the 2020 release.

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2020 Service Pack 3. This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.

VB-99286 OpenGL renders shadows incorrectly! (soft shadows incorrect with RW modes)
VB-106080 Dwg import of scaled symbol doesn't display properly
VB-125088 Workspace Editor dialog doesn't display correctly umlauts
VB-130053 Cloud Rendering
VB-130130 Vectorworks crashes while rendering in OpenGL in the attached test file
VB-133923 Crash zooming in/out after activating Renderworks Camera View
VB-138155 Dimension Text Placement on Rotated Symbols
VB-139407 Space boundary disappear in 2D rotated view
VB-146864 Walls Not Showing in Imported DWG
VB-147071 Export IFC "Break Opening CW" creates no Opening Element when inserted in Slabs
VB-147987 T01883 - VGM Sheet Layers: Worksheet that is placed in the annotation of viewport displays as gray rectangle when you zoom in\out
VB-148027 Load objects are attached to the hanging positions which layer is hidden, because Layer Options are set to Active Only
VB-148270 Changing length of Structural Member leads to rotation
VB-148454 Moving Slab - Active Working Plane - Create Objects from Shape
VB-148559 Spotlight Hanging Position (HP) drop down context not showing all lighting devices associated with that HP>
VB-151292 Line Style inverted, if Polyline drawn on the horizontal or vertical
VB-152043 DeleteWallJoinConstraint crashes
VB-153644 Difficult to insert lighting devices on trusses with the lighting instrument tool
VB-154620 Load objects attach to hanging position when they shouldn't
VB-154703 Space style in resource manager will not update until the the symbol is edited
VB-156673 2D Components: Overridden Top/Plan component graphics in a PIO should ignore the PIO's 2D Attributes
VB-156975 Bridles - Parameter missing from Classes dialog box
VB-157006 Section drops 2D objects, elevation shows them fine
VB-157226 If Beam and Field are assigned to classes, turning them on or off does nothing.
VB-157535 the space disappears when mouse drag the space
VB-157576 When creating a hanging position from truss the hanging position name is not updating the system name in replace truss summary
VB-157804 Horizontal SVP in Perspective View show Shifted Graphics in 'Edit Section-In Place' Mode
VB-157900 Space's By-Style Story-Bounding Settings Don't Affect Existing Spaces
VB-157916 Crash when converting lighting pipe to hanging position
VB-158106 Active class switches, when jumping to another view pane (Multiple view pane) - but it is not visible in the dropdown
VB-158215 Door and Windows not Visible in Symbol Edit Views with Best Performance Option
VB-158488 Offset Wall Objects: Wall and Round Wall Selected
VB-158503 Coloring Lighting Devices by class does not update when the class is modified.
VB-158525 Marionette: Contents node should produce a list of lists depending on how many inputs to containers it received
VB-158712 the drop shadow will be rougher and exported than on the screen of Vectorworks.
VB-159018 the data tab is deleted.
VB-159023 Plant Tag Quantity shows 2 Decimal Places in some templates since SP3
VB-159140 Window Tool: Custom Sash dialog displays incorrectly if drawing is in a Rotated Plan view
VB-159156 IFC-Export of Walls / ExportOptions / Export Separate Instances / No BaseQuantities
VB-159165 IFC Export: Recesses and Projections not exported correctly in localized versions
VB-159256 Moving Lighting Devices is better, but still might be slow
VB-159347 Slabs and Spaces are not exported and furnitures are shifted when using IFC4
VB-159355 Marionette: Concatenate needs to convert inputs to string
VB-160111 Spotlight Lighting Instruments not attaching to truss systems correctly
VB-160209 IFC: Missing BaseQuantities when use "ExportOptions" and different behavior of slabs and walls
VB-160284 Additional warning message when editing the stories in Project Sharing
VB-160337 Broken Slabs
VB-160624 User-Generated Plugin Graphics Fail to Show Inside 3D Components of Symbols
VB-160863 Lighting Instrument Tool needs the same interaction with rigging objects as dragging Lighting Devices
VB-160985 About display trouble of 2D components in Viewports
VB-161182 When "Create Wall Recess" is executed and the created "Feature In Wall" object is edited, the "Set Position" is changed.
VB-161274 Crash Bug - Update Worksheet
VB-161435 IFC Export - Features in Wall not exported if "ExportOption / Export Separate Instances" is set to "True"
VB-161442 Attached file crashes Vectorworks 2019 on export ifc
VB-161479 Attached file crashes Vectorworks on ifc4, but not ifc2x3
VB-161628 Wall feature goes back to its original position after exit group
VB-161650 IFC export, Solibri shows objects in slightly different location.
VB-161803 Clerestory Windows Show Wall Breaks Incorrectly in 2020
VB-162141 Spotlight: Insert load not showing any visual highlighting that load is being attached to Hanging Position.
VB-162191 Staright Truss has no Show Direction checkbox in the OIP.
VB-162361 Snapping truss items together will not move attached loads correctly
VB-162385 The detail callout instances dialog does not exit after a double click (Win only)
VB-162386 You are not able to attach lighting devices when the truss is 3D only
VB-162488 Area light Render Geometry option is blocking light
VB-162522 Space: Edit Layout - Warning Pops up repeatedly
VB-162572 Re-Position Dimension Text not visible with Best Performance
VB-162611 Vectorworks on Windows cuts off font names with more than 31 characters
VB-162632 Level Types with Prefix "NNA#1_..."
VB-162678 crash: TPlaneSupport::GetSafePlanarRefID
VB-162698 Show Direction checkbox is not implemented
VB-162788 Viewport's Background Menu Fails to Update in 2020 After New Background is Created on Design Layer
VB-162841 Crash: DataVizContainer::PushDataVizContainer
VB-162842 When you place a light on a lighting position using the Instrument Insertion tool, you don't get the red diamond Braceworks indicator
VB-162866 DWG Export - 2D graphics exported even active layer is in 3D view.
VB-162911 The position of the dimension value of the dimension line may change.
VB-163116 Site Model: Invalid undo primitive with Debug Script On
VB-163181 VW unable to import the attached DWG files
VB-163187 Braceworks says light is connected, but not when select symbol objects
VB-163201 Error Message Shows When Editing Space Label Symbol from a Space Style
VB-163271 Direction arrow appears to be in screen plane for 2D path PIO
VB-163475 Schematic View is slow
VB-163493 Seating Section Boundary vs. Bounding Box
VB-163533 updated dark mode icons missing for BIMobject Browser
VB-163617 DMX Patch window shows dark labels using dark mode on MacOS
VB-163628 Schematic View displays label legend differently
VB-163692 In Schematic View when, "Lighting Pipe Ladder Properties" in OIP is clicked, it appears to turn on all layers in the background
VB-163704 F6, not getting red highlighting when trying to attach LDs to trusses
VB-163710 Accessible Aisle Spaces have switch sides in Parking Spaces from older versions
VB-163777 Dark Mode, difficult to see difference between tabs
VB-163800 BIMobject hangs Vectorworks with some downloads
VB-163803 Dark Mode: File Tabs should be more obvious which one is selected
VB-163930 VW Takes a long time when coming back from Lighwright
VB-163957 ConnectCAD: DA tools: looks wrong in default blank doc
VB-163984 Can't use irrigation tools in VW2019 SP4 Spanish
VB-163999 Using Alt + shift + click to collapse all classes does not appear to be working
VB-164017 Lighting Ladder only providing feedback for one rung when dragging Lighting Devices to attach
VB-164127 Highlighting a resource name in the Resource Manager does not allow selecting a portion of the name to be changed
VB-164221 Marionette - Get Opacity Node returns error
VB-164223 Truss auto connect with lighting device issues
VB-164247 Live Data Visualization not updating when Lighting Device gets connected to hanging position
VB-164302 Tabbing between fields in Record Format in OIP Data Tab is broken
VB-164348 User Origin Shift to Internal Origin on Edit Callout
VB-164407 Position Dimensiontext in the turned Viewport by setting Graphics Best Performence
VB-164437 Lighting Pipe Ladder 3D Insertion Boundary
VB-164526 Attributes Browser Appears at the Bottom of the Drawing Window in 2020
VB-164535 Missing new plugin class Site-Hardscape Com-Slope Arrow from VW Arch (Imperial).sta
VB-164543 Hanging position data tag doesnt reset when load object is attached
VB-164571 Multi-View - Layer Scale Changes to 1:1 When Sheet Layers are Deleted
VB-164582 Swap Pane doesn't support Flipped Symbols
VB-164655 Plant Database: Create Vectorworks Plant Catalog Image Failure
VB-164699 RW Cameras Get Deleted in 2020 After Undoing Edit
VB-164752 Data Exchange Full Export and Return is REALLY SLOW
VB-164774 Marionette: SetFill node fails in scaling
VB-164791 Vectorworks Doesn't Get Universe Setup Information From Data Exchange .xml File
VB-164810 3D Rotation of Lighting Devices get corrupted when you send it so Vectorworks 2019
VB-164866 When the "Convert to 3D Polys" command is executed, certain Dimension objects disappear.
VB-164912 Replace Truss dialogue calculating wrong length of truss systems
VB-164948 Lighting pipe: Cannot create more than one arc with Tangent Arc Mode of Polyline Insertion Mode
VB-165036 MVR Exporter is too slow and freezes VW while it's running
VB-165069 Straight truss offset in 2d vs 3d
VB-165072 User origin resets to internal origin when activating multiview from top/plan.
VB-165141 Middle-clicking the file tab of an inactive dirty file causes active file to be closed
VB-165186 Selection of seating section in rotate plan show incorrectly
VB-165187 Seating section doesn't draw as set to focus point in rotate plan
VB-165189 Crash when adjusting Layer Stacking Order in Organization Window
VB-165220 Hardscape Section Viewport: Aligned Hardscape causes hang/freeze
VB-165255 When Spacing> Set Spacing is set to any size in Text OIP, Spacing value is not displayed in OIP.
VB-165280 List browser performance issue
VB-165339 The RW Background of OIP of the created viewport is displayed as None.
VB-165341 MVR export error
VB-165343 DMX Patch: Universe and Address fields are active when there isn't selected item from the list browser(Mac only)
VB-165364 If Text Config of Section Line is "Sheet No. - Dwg. No.", Text Separator cannot be edited.
VB-165396 Lighting Instruments disassociate from Lighting Pipe Ladder when ladder roll is adjusted
VB-165406 Spaces Fail to Show Style Attributes in 2020 When Style is Replaced
VB-165439 Space Labels Not Visible within Horizontal Section with Display 2D Fills enabled
VB-165469 Wrong display of objects in top component while in horizontal viewports.
VB-165477 Moving one cell of a multi-circuit Lighting Device only updates the selected cell in schematic view
VB-165483 *After a crash, trying to open the backup files kept crashing VW and refused to open (PR 8431438)
VB-165491 Can't delete Braceworks-Hanging Point classes when certain objects exist in the drawing
VB-165533 Space: Edit Layout - Attempt to create a cyclical symbol
VB-165570 Schematic view don't work with project sharing and attached lighting device
VB-165610 Project Shared File Callout Issue
VB-165616 Multi-View - Grayed Copy of Objects Shows in One View Pane When Class is Changed in Another Pane
VB-165631 Lighting Device Visibility Problem
VB-165649 Spotlight Fixtures dropping all on 1 curved position
VB-165658 Cloud Rendering problem on vgx file
VB-165679 Show Centerline Marker on Larger Leaf option is not available
VB-165694 *Exporting worksheet as SYLK
VB-165697 Truss Tool 2D not aligned with 3D in 90 degree Hanging Posiiton
VB-165706 When trying to import with a unique file in the Windows environment, "No data can be read from file" appears and cannot be imported.
VB-165725 Managing loads | fixture looses position
VB-165740 Set Opacity dialog is initialized with wall opacity when symbol-in-wall is selected
VB-165742 corrupt slab
VB-165757 schematic view very slow
VB-165774 HSVP with "Display 2D Fills" Option enabled Not Showing Heliodon Properly
VB-165798 Worksheets Show in the Wrong Location After Recalculating in SP2 (Best Performance)
VB-165826 ConnectCAD: Circuit Signal label can end up on the wrong side.
VB-165856 Clip Tool Causes Space Numbering to Change in VW 2020
VB-165857 First Clip Attempt Fails on Auto-Bounded Space Objects
VB-165858 Replacing Space style in 2020 fails to show the volume in 3D views
VB-165862 Clipped Spaces Become Corrupted After Using Add Surface Inside Boundary Edit Mode
VB-165865 ConnectCAD - Equipment Item Settings dialog is not correct
VB-165874 Horizontal section viewports. Door lines.
VB-165893 BIMobject - 7 out of 7 different BIMobjects failed to download
VB-165909 "Fit walls to objects" doesn't function well if walls have different components
VB-165929 Hardscape Aligned Mode Causes Cursor (Mac) or Attributes Palette (Windows) to Flicker Constantly
VB-165933 Multiview: The document zooms when moving module devices in and out of a rack
VB-165934 RW Camera Edit Can't be Cancelled in VW 2020
VB-165942 Rotate Plan: Relative Angle Display of Column / Pilaster Objects
VB-165954 section VP shows wrong colors and does not show all geometry
VB-165958 CreateCustomObject displays incorrect undo warning when PIO is created in wall
VB-165962 Changing design layer via check mark also resorts the design layer
VB-165974 Callouts ! Bugs Again in 2020
VB-165984 Rigging Lines (UI feedback) not aligning to Lighting Pipe and Lighting Pipe Ladder in 3D
VB-165994 ConnectCAD: Problems with inserting and removing several hopovers
VB-166001 Missing geometry (not far from internal origin, no objects far from internal origin)
VB-166002 Spotlight 2020 to 2019 Transition Issue
When you duplicate a Hanging position which has attached lighting devices the duplicated position has associations
VB-166017 ConnectCAD - Device tool dialog appears to be cutting off labels by one character [Catalina]
VB-166022 Publish: Editing->Renaming a Saved Set Creates Duplicate
VB-166025 *Multi-View - Crash When Closing File With Multi-View Enabled
VB-166031 When drawing a wall in contact with a pillar, only the end point cannot be automatically joined.
VB-166034 When a 2D figure in the inactive layer is "converted to a 3D polygon", the figure is deleted.
VB-166035 Data Visualization does not update data tags when their attached record is updated from tagged object.
VB-166045 Focus points needed refresh and nudge to be active
VB-166047 ConnectCAD - Using the ReRoute to route to a HopOver ends in an unexpected circuit
VB-166052 "Update Boundary" Causes Space to Lose Bounding When Wall Network Contains Two Walls
VB-166056 Change the name of the Select Hanging Object command
VB-166060 Hoist Position Changes
VB-166069 The shape of the seating section disappears if you activate Pan tool while inserting a seating section
VB-166071 Fonts pixilated on PDF export
VB-166076 Lighting pipe 2019 Reverse translate corrupts the geometry
VB-166078 Sheet Layer Stacking Order not Editable by Number from Navigation Palette
VB-166079 Lighting device not attached correctly to Lighting Pipe Ladder
VB-166081 Performance: Edit 2D Symbol - Not workable - Freeze.
VB-166082 Unable to import Shape file into Vectorworks
VB-166086 Aligned Slab Hardscape Highlighting Shows Incorrectly in SP2
VB-166094 Callout Viewport Shows Extra 2D geometry when Rotated in Hidden Line/Open GL (regression)
VB-166100 Lights will not attach to some Hanging Positions in User's File
VB-166105 Users cannot turn off the Centerline Snap Guide for the Lighting Pipe in 3D view
VB-166119 Spotlight Instrument Summary
VB-166128 Plant tags doesn't show as selected
VB-166140 There is difference in lighting pipe ladder in top plan view in version 2019 file opened in version 2020
VB-166143 Marionette: atan2 node has incorrect output
VB-166147 ConnectCAD: Labelling in ConnectCAD settings is always checked after warning that it could overwrite custom settings
VB-166149 Crash when converting a 2018 file
VB-166150 Universe field is empty in the Patch Settings group when you patch item
VB-166153 You're unable to change a Boolean type value from LB in Spotlight Preference dialog (Mac only)
VB-166159 When the exported files are opened in VW2020, the "Straight Truss" object position is changed.
VB-166168 Complex Lines broken in VW2020
VB-166170 Component fills not displaying from walls placed in annotations of a section viewport with Navigation Graphics of Best Performance
VB-166171 The Properties dialog of objects in Schematic view doesn't open when the design layer of the model is set to invisible
VB-166174 DMX Patch: The fields in the Patch Settings group are active when they should be disabled (Mac only)
VB-166177 Polyline ObjInfo, Radius vertex will not change radius
VB-166178 Braceworks - Import and Export Truss Item Record XML available in Fundamentals workspace
VB-166180 Multi-View - View Location Shifts When Zooming in Rotated Plan
VB-166187 Create Objects from Shapes, Cancel shows an alert
VB-166193 Multi-View switching layers
VB-166197 Schematic Views - Performance
VB-166204 IFC Entity reports
VB-166206 T01943 - duplicate value can be created in object name schemes when objects are renamed
VB-166208 Data Tag interactive visualisations take the active attributes
VB-166217 Load objects are detached from the rigging object when you cut/paste load and rigging objects
VB-166224 Misspelling in XML inside Energy Analysis/Project Info\Building Utilization Pattern Residential
VB-166225 Window Fill Graphics Become Rotated in 2020 After Rotating Plan
VB-166226 Column headers need resizing in Energos Project Settings: Airtightness
VB-166228 Multi-View - Ruler Bars Fail After Switching Layers in Rotated Plan
VB-166231 Applying a gradient fill when a data vis with fill is active results in incorrect gradient
VB-166232 Multi-View - Rotated Plan Fails to Show in Standard Views Menu After Changing Layers
VB-166238 Move Multiple Dimension Witness lines
VB-166240 Site Model: Updating Site Model crashes Vectorworks + corrupt "NNA+" layers
VB-166241 Some Marionettes are throwing errors in the latest beta
VB-166249 Data Tag removes full stops from the definition string
VB-166250 Layer Options popup is set to Show/Snap/Modify Others when you open the Properties dialog of Schematic view object
VB-166251 When you paste Schematic Rigging and Schematic Load objects for the second time after you had cut them only Schematic Rigging object appears
VB-166257 ConnectCAD: Terminator.vst translate to SDK
VB-166259 When you move the truss object Vectoroworks requires to check out layers which don't contain your object\s
VB-166262 Associations are broken when you cut the Schematic view that is created with copy/paste
VB-166272 ConnectCAD - EquipItem Item Modular checkbox should be removed from preferences / settings dialog
VB-166278 Hardscape edges
VB-166282 Long file names are truncated on the Recent Files submenu
Moving Sheet Layer Viewports is Much Slower in 2020
Publish dialog displays name of saved views\sheet layers twice
Hoists are not refreshing/updating position based on Hoist Origins
ConnectCAD: Device edit mode exit button text
DataVis NetAreaNumber of Space broken for Attribute by Ranges
Data Tag geometry appears in Edit Tag Layout group
ConnectCAD - Reshaping the links mode connection tool dialog does not resize correctly
ConnectCAD - rebuild links does not appear to be working.
AssignedClasses::RebuildFromDocument is being called during project sharing commit
ConnectCAD - Equip Item Display default value is not correct
Changing Truss Trim Height Not Working
Spotlight: Straight Truss. When Hanging Angle is 90 degrees the 2D and 3D do not line up
Stairs: 3D Rail representation isn't correct
Parking spaces doesn't display correctly
problem & The truss tool
Multi-View - Outlets Get Inserted in the Wring Location When Rotated Plan is Active
Objects in section viewport not displaying properly
When an object with a pattern is extracted as an EPSF file, the color and pattern are not output faithfully.
Unable to add or delete Section Line vertices
Crash: while using the Angular Dimension Tool in a Polyline - ParasolidRoofBuilding::ParasolidRoofBuilding
Exit button in 2020 SP2 is wider than SP1 (Mac only)
Organization: Stories Levels changes with 2020
Space Eyedropper Affects By-Style Settings of Styled Spaces, Will Get Reverted on Next Style Edit
Animation Duration is incorrect when exporting movie
Title Block Border interfaces locking each other
Hoist tool relative position and X Y display problems
Remove "Text Wrap" from Landscape Area Data Tags
VW Crashes When Deleting Sheet Layers
Disable Worksheet Export in the Eval (Series B) version of Vectorworks
VW Freezes for Several Minutes in 2020 When Undoing Class Visibility Change
File takes a long time to open
Objects - ConnectCAD Library folder not created when creating workgroup folders or changing user folder
BUG in Space; Changing Formatfield is not possible anymore in VW2020
Replace truss command no longer works
Replace Truss Type command not working correctly
Spotlight - Duplicate Label Legend Layout is broken
Unexpected behavior of attribute palette when Data Visualization is applied
Some Geometry disappears while in Edit Extrude Mode with Hidden Line Render
ConnectCAD: Device Builder does not create LOOP sockets correctly
Regression - Double-Clicking a List Browser entry can no longer close dialog
ConnectCAD: Circuit object Cable ID default position needs fixing
VW hangs when copy and paste a group from the attached file
Vectorworks Crashing When Hanging Moving Light on Hanging Position
Project Sharing - Export PDF Prompts User to Checkout Drawing Label
Deleting Vertex Point of Polygon crash
ConnectCAD: Renumber Devices doesn't renumber Externals
Data Manager uses universal name, not localized name
Data Manager dialog won't show plug-ins included via alias
Plants Get Created in the Wrong Location in SP2 When User Origin is Shifted
Objects Become Corrupted in 2020 When Duplicated in Hidden Line
2019 File to 2020 Open GL fails
Random crash on idle
Data Tag: #AREA# does not extract correct area from path base parametric object, if its path is open.
Data tag is automatically deleted
Data Tag cannot be used on a slab (Vectorworks crash immediately)
Cosmetic Issue in the Ligthing Device (Windows Platform Only)
Delete polygon vertex issue
Add vertex issue
Worksheet row fails to autofit to cell image in the palette - Windows Only
Wrong Result Data Visualization
Data tag associations are broken in the project file after you save and commit duplication of the sheet layer from the working file
File opens in VW2016 but crashes VW2019. Can you please diagnose/fix it?
Wrong representation of Stair in Horizontal Section "Hidden Line Display..."
Moved hoist origin don't reset hoists attached to it
Screen x/y values should be in blue on OIP
2 crashes after creating section viewport
ConnectCAD: a "No error" dialog for CheckDrawing
ConnectCAD - Can't change line thickness on Devices, Sockets and Equipment Items
Can't edit referenced symbols
Edit 2D Components of Barn Door leads to a wrong result
ConnectCAD: 2D Rack object Height choice list fix
Data Mapping - Save set option not actually saving anything
Not possible to change the Sheet Data of a TBB with Project Sharing
Horizontal Section: Most 2D Components not showing when showing Extents Above
Cannot change layer of an object via Object Info palette
Spotlight numbering and shift clicking
DLVPs on the same layer as Lighting Devices resets them
Zeno42_Multiple Title Block
Project Sharing: IFC export settings fail to store
Cannot add a license file from the Vectorworks Site Protection icon.(Mac Only)
Drawing Title objects ignore font controls in OIP in VW2020
State of the main group style button is not always up-to-date in the edit space style dialog.
WindowDoor:rawer::CWinJambDrawer:rawLowLevelJa mb crashed
Marionette nodes in Resource Manager have extra numbers
The class of the VW light inside of the Lighting Device should match the class of the lighting device.
Dash Styles used in Line Types display invisible in VW2020 Navigation Graphics mode 'Best Performance'
IFC Custom pset Mapping, impossible to fix edited mapped record
ListBrowser - VWListBrowserCtrl::SelectRow() does not work (Win Only)
VW crashes when reimporting IFC(4) file
Slab shape squared off after picking auto-boundary walls
InvalTheRect crashed
New Classes or Class Name Revisions Inconsistently Propagate to PS Files
Data Tag Differenz results by tagging objects
Section Viewports Fail to Show Component Lines in SP2 When Finite Height is Used
Data Mgr - no simultaneous selections
Data Manager - unstable for use (conflicting info)
Space settings dialog : duplicate entries in label symbols pulldown
3D Label Legend flips by plan rotation when grouped
3D Label Legend leader lines wrong
Eyedropper do not apply Label Position to LD Label Legend with 3D Layout
Label Legend control point locations wrongly resetted
Non rotating Grouped Label legend 2D layout messed up
Container shifts in grouped Label legend 2D layout
2D Grouped Labels do not move
Data Mgr - non-alphabetized popups
Windows Visibility in Top/Plan Disappears from Walls Located in Symbols
The color layer setting in the sheet layer viewport may not be disabled.
Saved view does not remember if no data visualization is selected
Odd greying behaviour
Single Label Legend not assigned to chosen class if not created.
Elevator Tool, in the Architect-BIM workspace, fails
GetInstantiatedObjectNodeSize is missing for kADSymDefHandlerNode, kADSymbolHandlerNode
Export ifc of slab creates unwanted material "concrete"
ConnectCAD: Resizing the layout room doesn't have preview
Hidden Object Display: stairs behind object not visible with 2020
Data Tag doesn't support User Origin
Selecting 'Custom' Window Causes crash- in WindowDoor:rawer::CWinJambDrawer:rawLowLevelJa mb
Data Manager not assigning Data Sheets from class-based objects to symbols and vice versa
Polylinie with 2 Vertices has no Perim
Plants End Up Offset From Where They Were Placed by User Origin Offset : JBC
Site Model: Instant crash when these two simple hardscape site modifiers are included
new created space does not look same as in 2019
Duplicating a lighting device to a different position results in an immediate crash
Create Objects from Shapes command erroneously offsetting
T02063 - Project File Connection Fails When Created from a VWX File that's Saved on a Server
Change button name on Schematic Views OIP
Edit Data Visualization and Manage Data Visualizations dialogs do not remember their width/height
Data Viz and Saved Views
Backup Files Fail When Saved to a Custom Location
Data Tag doesn't parse decimal fractions properly
Unable to apply separate Curtain wall panel and face textures
Replace Truss Configuration Wrong Count
Marionette Chart nodes should be classed as Objects
Chart Configuration Dialog Box has overlaps
Chart Nodes label "iColors(list)" and description of that port should be more specific
Section Viewport in Non-Orthogonal Projection looses most cut plane graphics
Chart Nodes should not be caching data from wires
Placing a new chart node after a chart has been drawn in the document and running it with no inputs results in a drawn chart
Fine Tune Camera View
Ref table corruptions when inserting symbol from Renderworks Camera content
Crash On Align and Distribute on Lighting Fixtures
Content file needs to be rebuilt (Renderworks Cameras)
Project Sharing Dialog Header Shows UUID in File Name
VW2020 Crashes when applying Data Visualization to Sheet Layer Section Viewport-TDataVizContainer::PushDataVizContainer
Braceworks calculation issue
Sheet Border updating to TBB not mapping text link formulas
ConnectCAD: Equipment Item OIP button Create Panel devices works but not nicely
Documentation: Syntax error in description of Substring function in Worksheet Functions article
Key "Hardscape" duplicated in ExtObjectHardscape_SpecialGroupsStrings.vwstrings
ConnectCAD: Rack frames in 3D equipment rack move to the bottom and under the rack when the 2D rack equipment is moved
Data Tag: Syntax can no longer include a space character in 2020.
Quality of thumbnail exports from VW in MVR are poor
Offsetting (Point Mode) a round wall on macOS 10.14 or higher, causes a freeze
Crash creating a Viewport from a Video Camera object, then updating the viewport
Keynote Legend displaying exceptionally large.
Marionette chart nodes or chart objects opening in 25.0.0-25.0.2
Marionette charting dialog View Type dropdown covers Layout label text
Chart Configuration dialog when Pie chart is selected does not gray axis titles
When Bar or Line charts are with empty axis labels, unnecessary text objects are created
Right clicking on marionette chart node opens Chart Configuration dialog
Line chart lines do not show properly
Braceworks Truss fails to maintain connected reference within hanging position
Geometry Shift when updating files to 2020
General Notes Display - Note Description from Database option results in overlapped text
Label Legend Script Errors
Publish command Windows only: When adding sheets en masse to be published, the sheets are reversed and only way to publish in correct order is to drag and drop the order, sorting doesn't help
Bar and Line charts with only 0 values for data draw incorrectly
Marionette Bar chart when in stacked layout topmost data label only is shown
Marionette charts draw when having 0 or negative width and height
Marionette chart settings dialog on clicking OK imports all default text styles
Marionette chart settings dialog always opens the last created
The check displays in the Active Layer column in the Design Layers tab of Navigation palette when close Advanced Properties dialog(Win only)
Marionette Bar chart when in stacked layout and there is a negative value does not center the text properly at top
Editing a Class Setting for Markers shows incorrect existing setting
Marionette Bar and Line Chart Title overlaps with X axis Title when the Title position is bottom
Data Viz - Door swings are solid filled
Crash in TDPolyType::Perimeter
Marionette 3D pie chart object does not show any labels in Top/Plan view
Crash in BrxMath::Middle in Braceworks plug-in
Keynote Legend Text size Jumps
Crash in StructMembParam::PathPtToGlobalPt
Elevation Benchmark Tool Offest Parameters are Unusable
Surface Hatch extends beyond section length
Crash when highlighting objects
Data visualization Edit Filter broken for object types in german version
Complex Line invisible if e.g. path has loop
Retaining wall site modifier is not displaying the left/right lines
Select All Lighting Devices is slwer in 2020SP2 compared to 2019SP5.3
Crash in TMeshController::UpdateWidgets
Frame Settings for Curtains walls in 2D not displaying color in 2020
ConnectCAD: Arrow circuit text overlaps at destination end
gSDK->DuplicateObject() does not send object events - SDK
Labels are placed inappropriately when bar charts have different amounts of values in sets of data
Unsure what the listSeries port does on the Bar Chart node
Width/Height ports do not appear to use document units
Line chart draws an inappropriately sized bounding box
Attempting a Commit After Changing Sharing Method Causes Graphics Errors and Doc Window Failure
Error Dialog Shows Multiple Times When Server-Based Project File Can't be Located
Working Files Remain Usable After Changing Sharing Method to Server-Based
Error Dialog Shows When Opening Project Files After Changing File Name
Offline Mode Fails When Server-Based Sharing is Used
"Project File Cannot be Found" Dialog Can't be Closed in Recent Build, Must Force Quit
Sorting By Modified Date Fails in Server Setup Dialog
Offset issues for self intersecting polylines/polygons
How to import dwg without loosing height of NURBS
Text styles for Title and Data Labels are buggy
Text Styles appear as though they are being applied opposite to what the user chooses
Stacking order of values (numbers/text) for charts should always be on top
Pie Charts when receiving a list of lists draws the chart in an unexpected manner
listLabels needs to convert the input to a string type
Position of Data Labels when set to Bottom is 1) not clear and 2) intersects with the top of the bar object rather than going below it
Project Sharing - Layer Highlighting Colors Show Incorrectly in SP2/SP3
Revert Command Creates New Working File With UUID in File Name
Viewport does not respect the visualization of the classes
PRS-40 and PRS-30 Outlet Bodies breaking the calculations.
Providing a list of colors only takes the first color in the list and applies it to all values
Waste a lot of cycles checking IsPlantObject.
GIS: Cannot align DWG file with GIS coordinate system
Transistion Animations Only functioning from the Navigation Palette.
Georeferenced DWG import results in empty sheet layer viewports.
MVR is no longer exporting "Vision Video Source"
Name of default space object is in English in the Stacking Diagram
ESRI Feature in Spotlight for Vectorworks 2020 SP3
Polyline perimeter showing as 0
Wall becomes invisible in 3D if PIO in symbol break "touches" bottom of wall
Label Legend separators don't appear in drawing
Lighting devices not picking up Position name, is this a bug?
Straight Polyline shows no Perimeter value
Edit Camera -Crashed in CRenderworksCameraSupport::ConvertWorldPt3ToViewPt
Changing GUIDs
BIMobject browser icons are greyed out
DMX Patching Dialog sort issue
read beyond end of array in stair
BUG Polyline Perimeter VW2020
Moving Joist Member Crash
Spotlight Label Legend error
Hide Polygon Edges with specific Line Types
Class/Layer visibility in Organisation dialog not saved
2020 Import Shape File
Data Tag coordinates don't work with User Origin
Vectorworks crashes when you insert a lighting device from another file
Reshape Handles not displaying (toggling Multiple View Panes corrects the problem)
The wrong preview appears when you drag and drop the group which has wall and 2d object
H40R - Cross Section
Curtain Wall - spandrel with face not showing
Select Similar and Visibility Tool missing from Connect CAD Workspace
Section doesn't show a stair with the function "Hidden Object Display"
Acoustics ARCS Wide - PR 8438198
Plugins Get De-Selected in SP3 After Using Clip Tool
Manage Load tool: Lighting device doesn't move over the truss when you use Attach mode
Vectorworks crashes when you place a lighting device over the curved truss
Space Style's 3D Height Settings Fail to Get Applied During Style Replacement in 2020
Lighting devices associate with wrong pipe when z value changed
Truss in Schematic view isn't visible if you set models class to invisible
Placing the listed lighting device on a curved truss crashes vectorworks
Vertical/Horizontal SVP Graphics Shift when Projection changes to 'Perspective' (Recent Regression)
The Lighting device is grayed when you open the Properties dialog from the OIP for Lighting Device in Schematic view
The rotation of the trusses get corrupted when you export it to VW 2019
ConnectCAD Markup Error On Connector Panel Device
trying to change Structural Member dimensions, Vw crashes.
VW2020 SP3 Freezes after Importing DWG File (Recent regression)
Criteria dialog doesn't accept font size criteria with decimals
Vectorworks crashes using Mirror and Move by Point on lighting fixtures
Project Sharing Becomes Asynchronous
Lighting Pipe breaks when creating an arc when clicking again on end vertex
Crash When Connecting Lighting Instrument to Truss
Label is offset as device rotates using default label legend
Storey Levels being named with NNA# prefix - appear to swap storeys
Corrupted file
OpenGL Does a Full Redraw in SP2/SP3 When Plant Styles are Selected
Multicurcuit Rotation
Update Spotlight & Braceworks workspace with Georeferencing commands
Connectcad 2019 symbol wont convert to 2020
Referenced DLVP fails to pick up current document class attributes
Multi-View - Colored Axes Show/Origin Appears to Shift in SP3 After Changing Sheet Layer in Another Pane
Offset: Incorrect offset of a polyline (regression).
Data Tag ignores strings at the end of the formula
Hardscape Textures Can't Be Edited in SP2/SP3 with Older Version Hardscapes
Seating Section from previous version does not show Focus Line control points.
Users need to add mutiple universes to Spotlight at one time
When files are translated from prior versions the universe settings are no initalized properly
Use label legend not displaying values correctly
Objects Disappear from DLVPs When Class Override Texture is Edited
ConnectCAD: error on 2019 file translation
Universes should automatically be added when importing from Lightwright
VW dont always exports universe system to LW with up to 64 universes
Flipped wall feature gets incorrect geometry.
Stair Tool: Attribute Style attributes reverts/overridden
Vectorworks crashes when drawing a rectangle in the active class which uses line style
Line type isn`t applied on of the sides of a rectangle
Title Block Border: Hang/freeze on insertion in style layout
Document with complex line types is rendered incorrectly.
ConnectCAD: Circuit converts incorrect in 2020 from 2019
Pillars are placed on wrong height when exported to IFC
Wall with 0 height (but with higher components) fails to export Ifc
Multi-View - Ruler Bars/Colored Axes Shift in SP3 When Floating Pane is Created
Vectorworks Crashes after renaming viewports and a executing Save and Commit in a Project Sharing file
Data tag is not updated when a layer is duplicated.
ODBC - Actual Excel driver on the MAC causes a crash.
Export MVR dialog Object Types displays an empty field as an object type
2020 File open/translate crash
ConnectCAD: Connect tool help
VB-167688 Undo table corrupt after renaming a saved video from the organization dialog screen
VB-167689 Creating Soft Goods produces unneccesary loci.
VB-167703 ConnectCAD: apply Text Menu settings to Equipment object Name text
VB-167710 Exit a symbol in 2020 takes 1 Min 25sec (in 2019 it only takes 4.8 sec)
VB-167712 Create Import GDTF Menu Command in Spotlight Workspaces
VB-167714 OIP displays only in Schematic View when you paste a schematic view object in other file
VB-167715 Wrong Interior Elevation Viewport
VB-167718 Beta RefNumberTable Alert Shows When Undoing Slab Delete Operation
VB-167727 Link between Section Line and Section Viewport broken after committing Section Viewport name change in Project Sharing
VB-167736 The geometry of the schematic view object becomes invalid although the model isn't changed
VB-167743 Structural Member crash when joining both ends of a structural member to the same poly structural member
VB-167746 Import GDTF command needs a better help ID
VB-167747 File Becomes Damaged After Changing Sharing Method
VB-167750 resource pulldown menu does not show any resources
VB-167753 QRT Publish fails to eport PDF name correctly from multiple files.
VB-167755 Server Folder Location Isn't Remembered When Converting Files to PF
VB-167757 Vectorworks freezes when saving and opening a specific data mapping scheme.
VB-167762 Crash::SimpleElevator::CObjSimpleElevator_EventSin k::OnAddState(ObjectState&) (in simpleelevator)
VB-167764 IFC Import: Crash in IfcModel::SPFSerialization::CIfcSPFIOStreamInMemor y::CloseStream()
VB-167766 Crash : DataTag!DataTag::UI::CDlgEditTagd?ta::ApplyIncreme ntValue(struct DataTag::UI::SField * entry, class DataTag::Interfaces::CDataTagText * dataTagText, bool isForStyle)
VB-167767 IFC: Crash in IFCLibrary!IfcModel::EXPRESS::Ifc2x3::SStringLess: perator()
VB-167778 Updating references 10 times slower in 2020 than in 2019
VB-167782 Differences between IFC 2019 and IFC 2020 cause import problems in BIM2Cost
VB-167788 Referenced Source File Changes Fail When File is Opened from Nav Palette
VB-167793 VW Sometimes Crashes After Editing Referenced IFC Settings
VB-167794 Files Can't be Opened With Double-Click in "Open Server-Based Project File" Dialog
VB-167796 Project Sharing Sever Document title showing 00000000000000000
VB-167797 When using Create Objects from shapes command, Hardscape is not apper in the list.
VB-167802 Seating Section Crash
VB-167806 Cannot save data manager settings as soon as classes are used
VB-167808 Publish Dialog Moves the Wrong Items to the Publish List in SP3 (Mac Only)
VB-167846 Deleting resources sometimes deletes unselected resources
VB-167852 DOM: Edit Control Geometry of a Marionette Reset Values to default
VB-167854 Select a specific data mapping scheme in the Manage Saved Mappings dialog and press the OK button to freeze Vectorworks.
VB-167866 Nested References Fail With Server-Based Sharing
VB-167869 VW Crashes During Commit After Referencing an Image File
VB-167872 Project File Fails When Created Locally and Converted to a Server-Based VWXP
VB-167873 Server Failure Error Message Reappears Indefinitely, Must Force Quit
VB-167876 Cloud Services: creating a PDF Job changes Title Block name
VB-167879 Pillar / Slab objects behave differently between v2020 and v2019
VB-167883 *Reshape Tool: removing vertice crashes Vectorworks
VB-167884 Data tag: Cannot open layout of data tag with Edit Plug-in Style command
VB-167885 VW Crashes When Importing Revit File in SP3
VB-167891 Acceptance Test Failure: Section Viewports Not rendered correctly
VB-167896 Reference Fails to Get Transferred in 2020 When Images/PDFs are Copied to a New File
VB-167901 Animation Rendering Preview doesn't render the preview
VB-167907 VW crashes when refreshing a change of moving a referenced PDF
VB-167908 Working File Can't be Reconnected to Project File After Name/Location Has Changed
VB-167909 All Sub-Folders are Expanded by Default in Server File Browser
VB-167910 Server File Browser Doesn't Allow Columns to be Expanded
VB-167920 IFC-Export Offset Roof Object
VB-167923 "Automatically assign the class of lighting devices" setting is not working
VB-167932 changing to invalid URL and reconnect in Create Server-Based Project File dialog does not show update
VB-167936 Aligned Hardscape: Unexpected hole in the surface of the aligned hardscape from the test file.
VB-167939 Attached file does not appear to render top/plan lighting devices
VB-167942 Resource Reference Files Fail to Get Added With Server-Based PFs
VB-167947 While dragging a group (with extrudes) in top/plan, the vectorlist draws the profiles of extrudes also.
VB-167950 Assert should not be shown if a referenced file cannot be located
VB-167951 Browse button on the Edit Reference dialog should not display the file chooser dialog
VB-167952 Crash when choosing different option in the project sharing entity conflict dialog
VB-167953 User Fails to Get Added to Project, Can't Commit if Added Manually
VB-167958 Locate referenced file on server cannot find .PNG files
VB-167969 VW Crashes on file open [Win Only]-Gdiplus::Graphics::GetHDC
VB-167979 Adding relative reference to .vwx doesn't show the Server Browser dialog if previous selection is relative reference
VB-167980 Preview geometry is broken when objects are converted to Groups in SP3 - regression
VB-167982 Replace truss Type
VB-167995 Lighting Devices missing from file when opened, until plug-ins are refreshed. Regression from 2020 SP2.
VB-167998 Edit Reference dialog radiobuttons are in a weird state
VB-168000 VW shows another Import Image Document dialog upon refreshing the change of adding a relative path image reference
VB-168005 Backups are not getting cleaned out of the temp folder
VB-168018 Wrong "Activation" of Hardscape
VB-168019 Adding .vwx reference using relative path doesn't seem to work
VB-168026 VW Crashes in Animation::AnimationController::FinalizeAnimation( )
VB-168030 Wrong help ID for new BCF Manager dialog box (Task TO2097)
VB-168034 Crash in RevitLibrary::CRvtArcWall_Reader::read
VB-168055 Crash: while working on the attached file
VB-168057 DMX Patch: The Channel field doesn't update in the Patch Settings group when you click on a Patch button
VB-168058 2D Components of Symbols not visible in SLVP
VB-168066 Duplicate Layer Crashes VW - Regression from 2020 SP2.1
VB-168067 Crash in GetAppropriateBackgroundColor
VB-168073 List of layers in referenced file becomes empty after referenced .vwx added using Layer Import and relative path
VB-168074 Translate Issue Spanish Version VW Data Cable Chain + Duplicate Item
VB-168078 Data Tag Will Not Pull IFC Component Pset Data from Wall Styles
VB-168081 Data Manager Condition not working because Style Mark of a Roof Face cannot be read
VB-168084 User-Defined "function" of a slab is not exported to IFC (or even not accessible internally?)
VB-168088 Show Direction checkbox is turned on by default
VB-168093 IFC Import of geo-referenced file is not correct
VB-168099 Referenced image displays source file uuid in OIP
VB-168100 Editing Reference to change source file only shows .vwx and .vwxp files
VB-168107 HHeight, HLength, & HWidth seem to be hardcoded to metric
VB-168110 Changing between documents corrupts Lighting Device OIP
VB-168112 BCF Manager does not change the render mode
VB-168113 GIS: Imported DWG geometry into GCS is slightly offset from where it should be
VB-168116 Editing layout of data tag style does not fit to the geometry.
VB-168126 GIS: Easting and Northing do not match their Lat Long equivalents
VB-168131 Source file path shows uuid in the following workflow
VB-168132 Create referenced viewport dialog shows source file uuid
VB-168133 Uuid issue with importing IFC/DWG/DXF/DWF
VB-168134 Editing reference and browse to choose another source file doesn't change the reference
VB-168136 Highlighting Fails to Update When Moving Viewport Crop Objects (Best Performance)
VB-168146 Complex Lines Converted False From 2019 To 2020
VB-168147 Symbol as group not blue in Resource Browser (Win only)
VB-168148 Objects from shapes - railing/fence not working
VB-168151 Hardscape from RM
VB-168152 Chamfer Edge Fails
VB-168154 Project Sharing - Random Freezes When Doing Various Things in Working Files
VB-168158 *Vectorworks crashes when creating a object in the attached file
VB-168174 Rendering Audio Speaker L'Acoustics ARCS Wide Speaker in Open GL crashes Vectorworks
VB-168177 Project Sharing Server testing: unable to send chances to PF
VB-168179 Add Surface with Lines crashed
VB-168182 Clip Surface crashed
VB-168189 User Interface not working on Surface Pro using pen as input
VB-168194 Crash when changing Layer Elevation
VB-168195 Store the selection of elements doesn`t work when editting a comment
VB-168196 Can`t activate delete button in BCF Dialog
VB-168201 Crash when printing from the Design Layer- TDrawPadOGL::d_CopyBitsOut
VB-168202 Lighitng Device Falloff distance has chnaged
VB-168204 Set2DComponentGroup crashes for the TopPlanComponent if the group is in the child list
VB-168206 Marionette - invalid callback function (regression bug)
VB-168208 DWG Export - Polylines with arcs export wrongly
VB-168212 Truss Disappears
VB-168226 Cannot change published layers to black/white in "one" click
VB-168229 Schematic view: The other objects aren't grayed when you open the model properties dialog from OIP
VB-168230 GIS: Planar DWG imported objects not properly transformed when Angle to True North is not zero.
VB-168242 Spotlight - Lighting device does not appear to respect truss height when applying it to a truss system
VB-168246 Wire frames are drawn outside of viewports on both Mac and Windows
VB-168247 Project sharing - Turn On and OFF classes causes the beta alert error
VB-168249 Moving Lighting Device has unwanted result
VB-168253 Closing a WF I got the following assert
VB-168261 Vectorworks starting up with empty drawing window
VB-168263 Document does not show until a redraw on a new doc in SP3 acceptance test 530331
VB-168267 Importing Mosa Pattern causes Vectorworks to hang (Windows platform only)
VB-168268 Upon opening the SP3 b3 Acceptance Test Build the drawing area is blank
VB-168271 Acceptance Failure : Viewport not rendered correctly in Best Performance Mode (Mac Only)
VB-168272 Refresh issues after changing "Sketch Hidden Line Results" option in the "Line Render Options" dialog for a Design Layer
VB-168273 Acceptance Failure: Display needs interaction to update in this case (Mac Only)
VB-168281 Class visibilities aren`t correctly changed or not changed at all for objects that have multiple classes
VB-168291 OpenGL settings Texture option affects Renderworks textures
VB-168292 Perspective Viewport Wireframe Graphics are Corrupted in SP3 (Best Performance)
VB-168293 Creating new document appear gray in latest SP3, fixes after zoom. Recent regression
VB-168295 Hidden Line Renders Fail to Update in SP3 After Changing Render Options
VB-168306 Random Crash in 2020 SP3 after Deleting Sheet Layers
VB-168313 Device accessories get bugged when they're auto rotated in 2D and have a Z rotation
VB-168333 Question- Which level does Intel Core i7-8650U fall into?
VB-168346 Resource popup opens away from clicked control in Attribute Palette
VB-168354 Custom Spotlight fields doing weird things
VB-168367 NBS Chorus - Palette/Dialog is blank on macOS 10.15.4 beta, for me
VB-168368 Fit Walls To Objects Causes VW2020 To hang ( regression from SP2)
VB-168370 Translation error in Eyedropper Settings Dialog
VB-168379 Vectorworks crashes when clicking a label other than the one currently set in the Manage Space Labels dialog. Windows only
VB-168381 ifcRoof Roof Base Quantities - entered values are not saved
VB-168389 Project Sharing: Save and Commit is slow
VB-168390 Drawing Artifact with VGM
VB-168401 VGM: Weird VW hang coming from VGMInvalidate
VB-168402 Crash when exporting to IFC
VB-168414 Labels for Bar Chart do not appear to be populating correctly
VB-168422 crash in TPlaneSupport::GetSafePlanarRefID
VB-168430 FSUpdateControlMeshPosition crashed
VB-168438 GIS: Object Pasted in Place to different design layers are pasted in the wrong place
VB-168442 Reshape Marquee Fails to Show in 2020 When Screen Plane is Active
VB-168463 Opening Project Sharing Server still causes 00000000000000000 to show in recent list
VB-168464 Class putdown in OIP fails to accept choice
VB-168472 Exported bcf file has several selected objects in views instead of one
VB-168479 Crashing when trying to open file -TranslateHangingPositionTo25 infinite loop
VB-168484 Image/PDF References Fail When Relative Path is Used
VB-168485 New Referenced File Gets Added for Each Resource That's Referenced
VB-168486 Resources Fail to Get Referenced in Server-Based Project Files
VB-168490 "Selecting System Objects" for Parent Truss through OIP causes Schematic View truss to go 'out of date''
VB-168491 Space Object Auto Boundary with Columns Regression
VB-168499 IFC4 export not working because of missing default and document settings
VB-168515 Drawing a 3d pie chart results in non-closed extrudes
VB-168533 Number Instrument "DMX Footprint Increment" Default Change
VB-168537 Crash in DeleteCachedSheetNetwork
VB-168539 VW crashes when you hold Ctrl and drag schematic view object
VB-168591 MOSA Pattern Generator: Hatch is Page Based
VB-168599 Mosa Pattern Generator: Renderworks Texture is the wrong size
VB-168622 Missing control point of grouped Label Legend
VB-168627 VP Datavis and hidden line rendering damages file
VB-168642 Label Legend zooms out FAR in 531768 but WAD in 529360
VB-168646 Vectorworks crashes when moving fields in data sets to the active Data Sheet.
VB-168671 hard crash | extrating curves from solid geometry-CreateHandlesFromEdges
VB-168715 project sharing, hitting cancel on file is locked dialog will not terminate the dialog completely
VB-168716 Project File Becomes Corrupted/Damaged
VB-168720 Project Sharing - Referenced PDF doesn't work properly when using relative path on server-based
VB-168747 DWG files from Civil 3D are not recognized
VB-168752 Space numbering starts at number 5 when using styles and every new document after that will use the same numbering
VB-168754 New Design Layer option missing from OIP Layer dropdown menu in files with Sheet Layers
VB-168767 Editing the Labels list in the Edit Topic dialog in BCF Manager may not update the Labels list.
VB-168805 Project Sharing: UUID should never be shown in UI
VB-168855 DeleteObject_SendNotification crashed
VB-168930 Crash in TNewOrEditStoryDlg::OnEditLevelExecute
Vectorworks is a versatile, on-premise application that provides extensive 2D drafting, 3D modeling, BIM and rendering capabilities for your architectural and landscape design needs. Vectorworks is equipped with designer-focused tools and features, allowing your workflows to have great freedom, ease of use and flexibility.
A key strength of Vectorworks is its ability to serve your entire creative process, from the initial concept stage through design development, construction drawings, and presentations. 2D drawings and graphics are of rich quality and renderings can range from sketch-styles to photorealistic - All within this one application. Using Vectorworks means it is very likely you will not need to purchase, learn or maintain any other software for your design needs.
With deep BIM integration, Vectorworks enables many techniques and pathways for incorporating construction data into your design and reporting that data on demand. This results in a high level of accuracy and productivity for your firm.
Built-in collaboration tools allow Vectorworks to be a suitable solution for both small and large teams, and for projects of all sizes. A wide range of import and export options permits Vectorworks users to collaborate with users of most other software as required.
With Vectorworks Spotlight 2020, enjoy live data visualization, walkthrough animations, and enhancements to the data tag tool. You'll also experience an improved Vectorworks Graphics Module that offers faster file navigation and more responsive models. Stream video from a media server into Vision 2020 using NDI streams, and use Vision Heat Maps to better understand light intensity in your designs. Braceworks� hinge plates are also now available in Vectorworks 2020, enabling more realistic representation of the connection and rotation of truss systems.

Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, landscape architecture and entertainment industries in 85 countries. Creating intuitive software since 1985, we've become the preeminent software built to manage the entire design process. Globally more than 685,000 users are creating, connecting and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks on Mac and Windows. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Newbury and London, England and Vancouver, Canada, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group.
Product: Vectorworks
Version: 2020 SP3
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
3D Design Software - Fully Integrated BIM | Vectorworks

Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 2.5 Gb

Vectorworks 2020 System Requirements
The following are real-world system requirements for running Vectorworks 2020. In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described in these hardware profiles. Likewise, there are some less demanding situations where Vectorworks will perform well on older hardware.
Operating Systems:
- Windows 10 64-bit
- Windows 8.1 64-bit
- Windows 8 64-bit
- Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Minimum Hardware Profile:
Entry-level Profile: For small projects, simple models/drawings with a low level of detail, simple renderings (such as small residential projects, small theaters, small landscaping design)
Processor: 64-bit Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better
RAM: 4GB or more
Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card with 1GB of VRAM or more. Some integrated graphics cards such as Intel Iris graphics are acceptable for simple models/drawings, but a dedicated graphics card is preferable.
Vectorworks with Vision requires a dedicated graphics card supporting GL_ARB_draw_buffers extension with 2GB of VRAM or more, preferably released in the past three years (e.g., NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 series, AMD Radeon RX 500 series). Using multiple view panes with different visibilities in all panes requires a graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM.
Display Resolution: 1440 x 900 or higher
Hard Disk: 10GB free disk space is required for the installation. 30GB or more is required for a full installation with all libraries.


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