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Linkinus 2.2 Mac OSX

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girlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud of
Standart Linkinus 2.2 Mac OSX

Linkinus 2.2 Mac OSX
Linkinus 2.2 | Mac OSX | 10 Mb
Linkinus is the most advanced and easy-to-use IRC client for Mac OS X. Connect to thousands of IRC networks all over the world and find people to talk to about any topic, from sports to computers, cooking to auto repair.
Linkinus Core: core improvements.
Linkinus 2 is up to 10 times faster than the previous version. As far as core features go: detaching instead of quitting, UPnP, support for all major text encodings, systemwide and custom proxy support, flood protection, IRC colors, auto(re)connect... You name it, Linkinus has it.
Filter: the new ignore
Someone's getting on your nerves* Choose to ignore private or public messages and you'll never see a message from that person ever again. But filters are not only for messages. You can also choose to toggle embedded media, join/part/quit messages, file transfers and much more.
Special messages: Highlights & Stars
IRC can be overwhelming, but with Linkinus you'll never miss an important message. Linkinus uses static highlights, dynamic highlights and PCRE regexps to determine which messages are important to you. You can also decide to bookmark ('star') messages manually.
Chat Views: IRC like never before
Linkinus brings unique features to your IRC experience: assign colors to chat participants, group consecutive messages into a unique block, enable emoticons, scroll automatically to the last viewed line, spotlight all of a user's lines in a channel, automatically jump to previous or next highlights...
Media: right within your favorite chat rooms
Linkinus can automatically embed media content within channels on a per-user or per-network basis. Supported services include Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, College Humor, Revision 3, and many more. Linkinus can also automatically expand shortened URLs.
Drastically improved security
Not only does Linkinus support Blowfish encryption, key exchange and SSL certificates, it also provides feedback to keep you informed of any changes in security: a remote certificate has become invalid* A server is not trusted anymore* Someone is sending unencrypted messages in a Blowfish channel* You'll know it. When your session secured, Linkinus still provides instant visual feedback.
Groups: efficient multi-channel chats
Groups allow you to organize collections of chats that you would like to view simultaneously. Assign global shortcuts to switch to your favorite groups.
Log Viewer
Want to view past conversations* The log viewer is a click away at all times. Type a keyword and voilà, logs are filtered by content. For your privacy, enable or disable logging on a per-channel.
Alerts & Notifications
Want to focus on work yet remain available if someone needs you on IRC* Quit Linkinus. Linkinus Agent will let you know when someone is trying to get your attention.
Simple yet powerful
Linkinus 2 is the most powerful and flexible Mac chat software there is, yet it's easy to use and newcomers will instantly know how to use it thanks to over 330 built-in networks, the Hint Box and the searchable channel list.
Identities: it's you, on IRC
Save your preferred and alternate nicknames in a reusable fashion. And if you provide password credentials, Linkinus will automatically authenticate to NickServ, NickOP, Q, X, G, SrvAuth and AuthServ.
Buddy List
Assign Address Book vCards to your contacts. Easily view whether your friends are Available, Away or Offline on multiple networks.
Requirement: Linkinus 2.x requires 10.6 or greater
New in Version 2.2:
Greatly improved overall performance and CPU usage: Greatly is an understatement at its best. Speed and responsiveness have increased by several orders of magnitude!
Multi-line input field: Requested long ago, finally implemented. Note this only works if you have enough vertical space beneath the application window.
Channel listing up to 20 times more responsive
Better support for /who and /names
Revamped IRC identities set them up the Preferences: One place to set them all, one place to find them, one place to bring them all and in the preferences bind them
Updated Styles: This includes new embed features for e.g. Whisper ( and cloudapp). Also the classic Simplified is going through rejuvenation!
Improved support for systemwide SOCKS proxy
Added UPnP support for file transfers
Fixed issues with PCRE regular expression supports in Highlights: You can now fully enjoy being highlighted all across IRC because your malformed regular expression finally works as expected!
Fixed an issue where Filters wouldnt stick across sessions, not to mention that we decided to take pity on the poor souls who wanted to add new filters and henceforth provide an appropriate button for precisely this
Fixed IRC Quit messages
Fixed an issue where the main window would be blank on first launch
Added shortcut to clear all queries
Improved contextual menus relevance
Added an option to hide the Groups button in the title bar
Improved SSL support
Faster processing of bouncers backscroll
Fixed a bug preventing users from removing certain channels or queries (phantom channels)
Improved /msg nick with no content
Allowed the main window to resize to a smaller size
Greatly improved DCC support
Now up to 1000 (thats a thousand for those that cant read Arabic numbers) lines of backlog per channel
Updated SysInfo plugin
MOAR, specifically, more options for queries and channels, including Growl/sound muting
/mark mark my words (slow clap) here comes a command you can use to add a marker to the current channel
/delay (a new plugin) that enables you to delay execution of commands e.g. when chaining them in the alias section
Fixed a bug where Agent status items wouldn't launch and select channels when clicked
Fixed a legacy issue where importing previous preferences would create 'Console' channels
Fixed a bug where renaming a network wouldn't show changes until connections go offline
Fixed a bug where removing channels from the UI wouldn't actually part them
Fixed a sleep/wake reattach UI crash
Smoothed out the sending of /who and /mode commands upon joining channels to avoid excess flood in connections with numerous channels
Fixed minor log viewer issues
Fixed a bug where the 'Linkinus 2 Logs' folder would be created even when logging was off
'Join on kick' is now disabled on new channels by default
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