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Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 3.2.0 Update with MainConcept MPEG Pro HDV 3.1.0 (2010)

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 3.2.0 Update with MainConcept MPEG Pro HDV 3.1.0 (2010)

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Standart Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 3.2.0 Update with MainConcept MPEG Pro HDV 3.1.0 (2010)

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 3.2.0 Update with MainConcept MPEG Pro HDV 3.1.0 (2010)

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 3.2.0 Update with MainConcept MPEG Pro HDV 3.1.0 (2010)
Size : 990 MB

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Professional program f video editing has advanced features and tools f nonlinear video editing. Easily customizable interface functional tools f editing audio and video tracks the possibility of applying different effects and filter technology to speed up video processing and many other features.

In Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 implemented tighter integration with other products of the company Adobe (Adobe After Effects CS3 Adobe Photoshop CS3) which allows significantly enhance the ability of video processing. In addition in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 includes additional software f capturing and recding video thanks to which Adobe Premiere Pro becomes a complex environment that includes all phases of wk with video. The new version adds suppt f new video fmat (HDTV) and DVD High-Capacity (Blu-ray) with improved effects which require a change in the timeline and made many other innovations and improvements.
Effective tools f editing allowing to realize any creative ideas
Powerful and flexible tools f installation allows you to fully concentrate on presenting the material displaying the efficiency of wk on projects in real time to a new level thanks to such features as setting key frames and high-quality slow motion with a filter scale of time (time remapping). Tight integration of Adobe Photoshop CS3 and After Effects CS3 Professional allows you to save a lot of time when wking with even the most complex effects and provides full control over their creation. Professional col crection tools to help bring the image into line with your intentions and f multi-mode installation provides the speed and perfect precision editing material from several sources with the management of all these and many other features by using familiar and easily customizable interface.
The superb quality of the output
You can wk with almost any fmat preserving the quality of uncompressed video throughout the entire wkflow from capture to output. The software module Adobe OnLocation CS3 fmerly known as DV Rack HD provides the highest quality material and significant time savings by offering professional features f moniting and direct recding to disk. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 improves the efficiency of the wking process at all stages from the capture of on-site survey pri to the withdrawal and delivery of content while you do not have to sacrifice quality integrity of your material.
Delivery of material in any fm
Withdrawal and delivery of content in any fmat any media from film and videotape to DVD Blu-ray and mobile devices allows to capture the widest audience. Using Adobe Ence CS3 you can make interactive content f output to DVD Blu-ray and posting on the Internet. Expt to FLV suppts automatic conversion of markers in the timeline Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 at the point of tempary road markings (cue points) and Adobe Clip Notes allows to significantly simplify the process of interaction with the client when discussing the details of the project.
Efficient and flexible tools f installation
Create high-quality visual effects and editing directly on the timeline. Office of slow-motion and other effects that change over time with adjustment f keyframe and feedback in real time. Col lighting audio filters and me all sold very quickly with a flexible and integrated tools. Assembling in multi-mode different precision and simplicity.
Compatible with multiple video fmats
You can be assembled in standard and high-resolution with a choice of many different fmats from DV and HDV and HD finishing and above (f wk with some fmats may require additional hardware)
System requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 (CPU with 2 GHz process f DV; process clocked at 3.4 GHz f HDV) Intel Centrino Intel Xeon (dual-ce process clocked at 2.8 GHz f HD) process Intel Ce Duo ( compatible) f AMD systems use a process that suppts SSE2
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Home Edition with Service Pack 2 Windows Vista Home Premium Business Ultimate Enterprise (certified f 32-bit versions)
1 GB of RAM f DV; 2 GB of RAM f HDV and HD
10 GB of free hard disk space (during installation requires additional free space)
F DV and HDV editing requires a special hard drive with a speed of 7200 rpm.; F HD is recommended to use the memy subsystem SCSI (RAID 0) SCSI is preferable
32-bit video card and monit with a resolution of 12801024; Adobe recommends that you use a graphics card that suppts fast playback the graphics process (GPU)
Sound card compatible with Microsoft DirectX ASIO
F wking with SD / HD need to use the card up and expt to tape a certified Adobe
DVD-ROM drive
To recd Blu-ray disc drive is necessary Blu-ray
F DVD recding drive is necessary DVD -R
To copy a DV and HDV capture and expt to tape and transmit to DV device requires an IEEE 1394 compatible with OHCI
To use the QuickTime software to QuickTime 7
Name of Program: Adobe Premiere Pro
Program Version: Premiere Pro CS3 3.2.0 Update MainConcept MPEG Pro HDV 3.1.0
Language: English keygen after a production update 3.2.0

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