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Cracking Tools [Un-leashed]

So I made an AIO today. It's my first. It's version 1.0 and contains the following...
Password Crackers
Proxy Tools
Combo/Word lists
Right now it's a little empty. The next version should have at least 20 new lists added and more tools


Delete or Remove XP & Vista Login Password

Delete or Remove XP & Vista Login Password
Burn the ISO image on a CD & boot your PC with the CD… Simply remove the login password.


Password Hacking AIO

Password Hacking AIO Includes:









Password Cracking All in One

_ Brutus AET2 Password Crack
_ Cain & Abel 4.2
_ Hydra 5.3 [Brute Force Pass Cracker]
_ John The Ripper 1.71 Win
_ MD5 Cracker
_ MD5 Password Cracker
_ Medusa Password Cracking 1.1 per Linux
_ OphCrack 2.3.3



Password Recovery 18 – AIO


1. Accent Office Password Recovery v2.31
2. Access Password Recover v1.01
3. Access Password Recovery Genie v1.80.20051008
4. Access Password Recovery Helper v1.60
5. Active Password Changer Pro v3.0.0280
6. Adult PDF Password Recovery v2.3.0
7. Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery v2.80
8. Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro v3.04
9. ElcomSoft Advanced Passsword Recovery Studio 2005
(All ElcomSoft password recovery tools in one package)
- Proactive Windows Security Explorer
- Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 3.54
- Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.51
- Advanced Archive Password Recovery 2.20
- Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional 3.02
- Advanced Office Password Breaker 1.30
- Advanced PDF Password Recovery 1.48
- Advanced PDF Password Recovery Professional 2.20
- Advanced WP Office Password Recovery 1.20
- Advanced Lotus Password Recovery 2.0
- Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 1.33
- Advanced ACT Password Recovery 1.21
- Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery
- Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery 2.50
- Advanced Access Password Recovery 2.5
- Advanced VBA Password Recovery Professional 1.50
- Advanced Outlook Password Recovery 1.33
- Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery 1.20
- Advanced IE Password Recovery 1.20
- Advanced EFS Data Recovery 2.10
- Advanced Windows Password Recovery
- Advanced Disk Catalog 1.51
- Advanced eBook Inscriber
- Advanced eBook Explorer 1.1
- Advanced eBook Processor 2.2
- Advanced Registry Tracer v1.67 SR2
10. Intelore Word Password Recovery v1.0E
11. Passware Kit Enterprise v7.5
12. Password Spyer 2k v2.5
13. Proactive System Password Recovery V4.1.3.455
14. RAR Password Cracker 4.12
15. SeePassword v2.05
16. Ultimate ZIP Cracker v7.3.1.5
17. Visual Zip Password Recovery v6.0
18. ZIP Password Finder v1



Office Password Recovery Magic

Office Password Recovery Magic is password recovery software designed to help users recover the lost or forgotten password. Any office files' read-only passwords can be recovered here. We still can recover *.xls, *.ppt, *.mdb, *.doc and Office 2007 formats files. The easy-to-use interface help users do exact search. Users can set parameters to exact the range of searching password, such as the length of the password and the shape of the password. Users still can using dictionary file, which is a string document to find password more quickly. You can enjoy full function of recovering password. If you have questions or suggestions about our software, please contact us, we hope to grow up with you together.

Key Features of Office Password Recovery Magic:
• Recover the lost or forgotten password quickly.
• Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Word.
• Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Excel.
• Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

• Recover read-only passwords for Microsoft Office Access.
• User-friendly interface.



ZIP Password Unlocker v4.0

ZIP Password Unlocker is to recover WinZIP/ZIP password for you to get into the archive. No matter how long or how complex your password is. This WinZIP/ZIP password recovery tool supports all versions of WinZIP/ZIP archives with powerful functions. In addition to brute-force attack, it also offers a brute-force with mask attack for if you still remember part of the password. It is fully customizable too for you are allowed to create a dictionary file for the program to base on. The program is super easy to use even a new user can get used to the program in less than a minute to recover the WinZIP/ZIP password.

• Supports all versions of WinZIP/ZIP archives
• Recovers long passwords
• Easy to use for a new user is guaranteed to fully use it in less than a minute
• Fast in speed to recover the password
• Allows to offer password clues to the program to reduce the calculation, saving time
• Allows you to create a dictionary for the program to base on
• Allows you to set the mutation numbers
• Allows to set computer CPU priority for a better performance
• Automatically saves the recovery process every after a period of time
• Supports to resume if accidentally stopped last time
• Automatically shuts down computer after recovery

Supported Versions:
* All WinZIP/ZIP archives are supported.

System Requirements:
* Pentium II 300 or higher CPU
* Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7
* 64 MB of RAM



RAR Password Recovery Magic

RAR Password Recovery Magic is a powerful tool designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords for a RAR/WinRAR archives. RAR Password Recovery Magic supports the customizable brute-force and dictionary-based attacks. RAR Password Recovery Magic has an easy to use interface. All you need to do to recover your password is just to add your file to the operation window.

Key Features
Recover passwords for RAR/WinRAR archives.
Custom character set for "brute-force" attack supported.
You can select character from a range of character options including: Letters, Numbers, symbol...
Large wordlist dictionary.
Work in the background.
Features a user-friendly interface.

How to Use
RAR Password Recovery Magic is very easy to use. To recover a password, all you need to do is just to add your file to the operation window.
Step 1: Click "Open" button to open rar archive.
Step 2: Click "Setting" button to set desired parameters.
A - The set of characters available in the password. (letters only, numbers only, symbol only, letters and numbers...)
B - Select the password length (range) in "BruteForce" panel.
Step 3: Press the "Start" button to start recovery.



Password Memory 2010

With almost 20 years of experience in the creation of Windows software, Code:Aero Technologies now present a product that should be used by anyone who want their passwords to themselves. Password Memory 2009 safely encrypts and manages your passwords and helps you login to websites in a fast and secure manner. Three different encryption routines (two 256-bit and one 128-bit) are used to secure your login information.

Quickly Secure Your Passwords. Your passwords are encrypted using several different algorithms for maximum security. You can also automatically generate random new passwords with ease.

One-Click Sort & Search. Sorting your database is as easy as clicking a button. When you search, the results are displayed as you type.

Easy & Secure Logins. You can easily copy the login details to the clipboard and insert them in their associated fields. This is not only fast and easy but will secure you from malicious programs such as key-loggers.

Export Your Data. Export your database to XML, HTML, textfile and Excel.

Reliability & Speed. Password Memory is built on a solid client/server database which means your collection can grow to virtually any size.

Manage Multiple Collections. You can can create any number of databases and keep them separate.

Wherever You Go. Password Memory can be installed and run from a USB memory stick which means you can safely bring your database wherever you go.

Features and Benefits
• Secure your vital and valuable login information.
• Auto-generate random password for high security.
• Get a reminder when it is time to change passwords.
• Save time. No more typing login details on websites.
• Find your login details in the blink of an eye.
• Bring your passwords with you on a USB stick.
• Access your database over your network from multiple clients.



MSN Password Logger v6.1

MSN Password Logger doesnt need to be installed.The most powerful and effective msn password sniffer. This program can record the msn messenger account password that has once logged in the computer.



Nsasoft SpotMSN Password Recover v1.8.6

SpotMSN is a password recovery software used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8 and Windows Messenger accounts.SpotMSN is the best MSN password finder that instantly cracks and decrypts the MSN Messenger passwords stored on your computer. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical interface.

• 32MB Ram
• 5MB free disk
• IE 5.1

What's New:-
• Updated msn & live messenger password recovery



Password Restore v1.4

- If you need to know your email account passwords but you have forgotten them
- If you have tried to recall and guess them, but still now luck
- If it takes time to ask the Administrator to reset passwords and provide new ones

Password Restore is password-recovery program that shows the passwords and other email account details for the following email clients:
- Outlook Express 5.5, 6.0
- MS Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, 2007
- MS Windows Mail
- MS Live Mail
- Incredimail
- Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

What is Shown as Result?
Usually it takes seconds to collect information about existing email accounts. The following data is presented for each email account found:
- Email Account Name
- Application Name (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc..)
- Email Address
- Incoming Server Type (for example POP3)
- Incoming Server
- Incoming Username
- Incoming Password
- Incoming SSL Option and Port
- Outgoing Server
- Outgoing Username
- Outgoing Password
- Outgoing SSL Option and Port
Results can be saved in a text file in comma-delimited format.
For each email account data can be displayed in a separate window and then copied into the clip-board.



Unlimited Password Key Stealer 2009

Steal Settings

PW Messanger Packet Status

MSN Messenger
Windows Messenger
Yahoo Messenger (Version 5.x und 6.x)
Google Talk
ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
AOL Instand Messenger/Netscape 7

PW Mail Packet

Outlook Express
Mcft Outlook 2000/XP/2003
Mozilla Thunderbird
Netscape 6.x/7.x
Group Mail Free, Gmail
Yahoo Mail
MSN Messenger
Hotmail / MSN Mail

Protected Storage PW Packet

Outlook Passwords
Auto Completet password in IE
Password protected sites in IE
MSN Explorer Passwords

Firefox PW Packet

Firefox Version 1.x passwords
Firefox Version 2.x passwords

Network PW Packet

Dial-Up passwords (Internet and VPN)
Loginp passwords of remote computers
Passwords from Exchangemailboxen
IE7: Password-protected Web sites
Remotedesktop passworts (ab Version 6.0) (Hinzugefügt seit v0.40)

FTP PW Packet

CoreFTP passworts
Quick ???n Easy FTP passworts
FlashFXP 3.x passwords
Filezilla Client 3.x password
Broker FTP client
FTP Control password
Ipswitch Ws FTP client passworts

Steam PW Packet (Verbessert seit v0.40)

Steam Username
Steam Password

Game Key Stealer (Erweitert seit v0.40)

Battlefield 1942:
Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons Of WWII:
Battlefield 1942 The Road To Rome:
Battlefield Vietnam:
Black and White:
Call of Duty:
Call of Duty 2:
Call of Duty 4:
Command and Conquer Generals:
Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour:
Command and Conquer Red Alert 2:
Command and Conquer Red Alert:
Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun:
Command and Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath:
FIFA 2002:
FIFA 2003:
FIFA 2004:
Freedom Force:
Global Operations:
Gunman Chronicles:
Hidden and Dangerous 2:
IGI2: Covert Strike:
Industry Giant 2:
James Bond 007 Nightfire:
Legends of Might and Magic:
Mcft Windows 2000/XP Key???????s
Mcft Office 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007 Produkte Key???????s
Medal of Honor Allied Assault:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead:
Nascar Racing 2002:
Nascar Racing 2003:
NBA LIVE 2003:
NBA LIVE 2004:
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2:
Need For Speed Underground:
NHL 2002:
NHL 2003:
NHL 2004:
Rainbow Six III RavenShield:
Shogun Total War Warlord Edition:
Soldiers Of Anarchy:
The Gladiators:
The Sims Deluxe:
The Sims Hot Date:
The Sims House Party:
The Sims Livin??????? Large:
The Sims Superstar:
The Sims Unleashed:
The Sims Vacation:
The Sims:
Unreal Tournament 2003:
Unreal Tournament 2004:
Neverwinter Nights (Shadows of Undrentide):
The Gladiators:
Freedom Force:

Security Settings:

Attribut Changer

Hidde files
Read only files
System files
Archived files
Encrypted files

[+] Sandbox Detection
[+] Kapersky Detection
[+] Kapersky Killer
[+] Virtual PC & Vmware Detection
[+] Anti Anubis
[+] Melt Stub

[+] Crypt FTP/Mail Settings
[+] Crypt PW File

Main Settings:

[+] FTP Upload ink Check Funktion
[+] Mail Versand ink Check Funktion

PW Viewer:

[+] Decrypt Singel PW File (Verbessert seit v0.40)
[+] Decrypt Multi PW Files (Verbessert seit v0.40)
[+] Decrypt Steam Passworts
[+] Save PW File

Icon Changer:
[+] Supports *.ico & *.exe
[+] 18 auswählbare Icons

Custom Zeugs:
[+] Builder
[+] Save & Load Settings vom Builder
[+] About



Wireless WEP Key Password Spy 1.1

This software will instantly recover all WEP keys and wireless network passwords that have been stored on your computer. To get started, click ???Find Wireless WEP Keys???. It will then display the adapter GUID and all recovered information associated with it including the wireless network name (SSID), the encryption type (WEP 40, WEP 104, or WPA-PSK), and the WEP key associated with each network. At the bottom of the screen you can see the name of your current Ethernet adapter, the total Kb sent and received during the current Windows session, and the current down/up throughput.



AIO PDF Convertor & Password Remover

PDF Password Remover can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields.

PDF Summary Maker allows you to change the summary information in many pdf's or individual pdfs with ease, this software also includes summary reports.

PDF2Word (pdf to word) software enable export the text, images and other contents from pdf document into word document, so you can reuse your PDF content, pdf to word software will preserving text, layout and bitmap images in the generated word document.

PDF2TXT (pdf to text) software can extract text from PDF files, it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software. PDF2TXT(pdf to text) processes at very high speed and you can convert multiple PDF files to text files at one time.

Easy Pdf Converter is a software that only asks for few mouse clicks to produce a protected Adobe PDF report from every types of files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, PostScript, HTML, images, maps, Visio, MSProject). Its "ease-of-use" is completed with a professional PDF engine to create the fastest solution on the market to produce PDF files. You can convert a batch of files into PDF files in one click.



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