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PhotoWiz Bundle 2011 for Adobe Photoshop MULTi

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PhotoWiz Bundle 2011 for Adobe Photoshop MULTi

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girlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud of
Standart PhotoWiz Bundle 2011 for Adobe Photoshop MULTi

PhotoWiz Bundle 2011 for Adobe Photoshop MULTi
PhotoWiz Bundle 2011 for Adobe Photoshop MULTi | 42 MB
PhotoWiz Bundle 2011 (Standalone, for Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop) - is a set of plug-ins and applications for correction, improvement and restoration of digital images. With these plug-ins, even novices can achieve the results of the expert. The kit includes the following programs and plug-ins: BW Styler v1.05, Color Washer v2.05, Contrast Master v1.05, Focal Blade v2.01, Light Machine v1.05
BW Styler v1.05 - One of the most unusual programs and plug-in for converting color digital images into a kind of black and white photography. Includes: a set of color filters, an imitation of tonal response, characteristic of ortho-, iso-, pan-, super chromatic materials, and infrared film, as well - the famous "brand" films. More - Emulation mass of studio processes and effects, mixing of "film" grain, means for toning (classic colors) and the ability to simulate various types of photographic paper. There is even a function of adding frames or fringing.
In other words, it is not just a machine for the deprivation of color cards, it's something more. You can only add that a modern image, corresponding to "coffee" standards, with the help of this plugin is rather difficult - but if your goal is "vintage" - plug-in will greatly facilitate your life.
Color Washer v2.05 - software and plug-in for color correction, contrast and picture defects. ColorWasher raises the correction of photos to a new level of accuracy and speed. With its help even beginners are able to perform the correction of photos in just a few seconds, and qualitatively, as did the pros until recently. ColorWasher - the first product in the product line PhotoWiz, who is going to set a new standard in tools for correcting photos.
ColorWasher provides a wide range of automatic, semiautomatic and manual tools for correcting, improving and restoring photos. Very easy to use, giving interactive explanations and hints for each feature, including a Quick & Easy Mode and detailed step by step instructions in the manual. ColorWasher lets you do professional photo corrections within seconds and also offers a Cloak mode for processing large numbers of images. ColorWasher can be used for digital photography, as well as on the scanned photographs.
Contrast Master v1.05 - works with dozens of graphics applications including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, Photo-Paint, IrfanView and PhotoImpact under Windows. ContrastMaster is a plug and a separate program for effective contrast enhancement as well as to create a sharp contrast, photo-realistic paintings in the HDR. It can handle low-contrast images and turn ordinary photos into interesting and dynamic shots. In addition, the dynamic contrast ratio helps to avoid artifacts and noise, without reducing the intensity of exposure.
Method of Adaptive Contrast automatically adjusts image details of different sizes (at the same time), methods of contrast can independently increase or decrease the contrast of the image, as well as increase the brightness of the effect. You can also use ContrastMaster as a photo of the HDR image. ContrastMaster also offers special features not found in most other programs, so the system configuration includes 17 types of bar charts!
ContrastMaster has both local and global methods to improve contrast. Works with 8bit and 16bit RGB images.
Focal Blade v2.01 - standalone and plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, designed to enhance the sharpness of images and for the use of special filters, is inextricably linked to its change. The plugin has a large number of options, but the newcomers, this should not frighten them. Allowed to switch to Novice, where only a few menus, and they are clearly the origin of the plot.
More experienced users will be interested in working with individual filters, which can be configured according to the rules. And for experts created a special regime Expert, which immediately opened all the possible options in the program. The plugin allows to use very different effects, which are based on changes in sharpness, texture processing and adding a glow. A rich set of options allows you to create beautiful artistic effects. Set scene modes allow you to quickly apply pre-assembled styling.
Dialog window and plug the plug consists of a rather large preview pane and set options to the right of it. Photos from inside the box plug-in by default has a scale showing 100%. This is justified by the fact that sharpening requires the control of local areas, rather than a general picture of the plot. However, you can zoom using the popup menu or by pressing buttons located on its edges. Present binding mode the image size to the borders of the preview window.
Light Machine v1.05 - The most professional to date software / plugin, which provides all kinds of lighting correction. Won the title "Editor's Choice" in the relevant papers, tests, nearly all photo magazines. Unlike Shadow Illuminator and the stanadrtnogo for Photoshop Shadow / HighLights, has a lot of fine tuning. Allows you to adjust the images taken at the wrong coverage, as well as to simulate additional light sources, such as to simulate the sunset, whether to adjust brightness, contrast, color and saturation in some parts of the image. LightMachine can be used for 8 - and 16-bit RGB-images.
LightMachine - a program / plugin to perform any lighting effects in your photos. Adds a shadow, a virtual light, color adjustment to improve the quality without isolating individual objects and layers. LightMachine can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation in specific areas. Allows you to adjust the photos taken in poor light or bad camera and allows you to maximize the improvement in image quality.
LightMachine can ispolzovatsya in such software packages as: Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, IrfanView, Photoshop Elements, PhotoImpact, PhotoPaint and Fireworks.
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows all
Language: Multilingual
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