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VRAY For Cinema4D [x86 x64]

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girlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud ofgirlsoft1st has much to be proud of
Standart VRAY For Cinema4D [x86 x64]

VRAY For Cinema4D [x86 x64]
VRAY For Cinema4D [x86/x64] | 105 MB
We are Cinema4D fans and we are V-Ray fans. To combine best of both tools we initiated and developed V-RAY for C4D. The Project is initiated and owned by C4D users for C4D Users. We've brought the world famous V-Ray render technology to the modern and powerful high-end animation system MAXON CINEMA 4D.
VRAYforC4D is the new ultra high end render engine for Cinema4d.
It brings the same outstanding quality and unsurpassed speed to Cinema4d as it is well known from the famous VRay for 3dmax 1.5 SP3.
It is natively running direct inside of the Cinema4d interface and is able to use the great native Cinema 4d procedurals shading system, lights, objects and cameras. Even most third party shaders and textures are supported.
VRAYforC4D can render imported CAD files as well as native cinema4d geometry. Mograph is supported, MAXON Hair can be directly rendered in geometry mode, Thinking Particles as well as all other cinema4d objects.
VRAYforC4D renders directly in the view port and also in the native Maxon Picture viewer, it can render regions, also in full size, and i can render via the maxon NET render system at no extra cost. the VRAY rendernodes for NET come free to each license. Therefore with only one license one can render a whole animation on a NET render farm.
VRAYforC4D has all physical calculations and properties. The multilayered BSDF / BRDF Materials, Photometric lights, IES lights, and the special schlick sampling core enable VrayforC4D to simulate perfectly realistic materials, lights and images. at the same time it still lets enough control and room for the artist to bend the rules of reality to not limit the artist imagination.
The famous VRAYforC4D "Physical Workflow" enables users to achieve stunning results in minimal setup time. you can yet your materials and they will look real in each rendering, lights and surfaces behave like you are used to from reality. the tool is not only perfect for architectural visualisation but also for photographers, designers, 3d artist, TV ads and animation.
Feature Overview:
* >> special unified render and sampling core engine based on the "schlick" system, fully multithreaded
* >> efficient physical BRDF / BSDF shading System producing realworld surfaces
* >>3 high level anti aliasing engines for choice: Adaptive DMC, Adaptive subdivision, fixed sampler, with several special filter algorithms for various and adaptable AA methods.
* >> photometric lights with full physical properties, IES Lights, Physical HDRI dome lights. Light intensities are calculated like in reality and are calibrated to interact like fully correct with the Vray BRDF materials.
* >> highly realistic physical Global Illumination in several flavours, they can be combined freely:
* BR_bruteforce: Montacarlo like GI based on the more efficient Schlick sampling, very fast with highquality in combination with Lightchache
* IR_Irradiance Map: the very efficient original Vray Irradiance map, it is the fastest of its kind and offers several modes for all kinds of flicker free animations and stills, it is fully cache-able, save able and reusable. special modes to render camera animation GI in one single frame for the whole animation path. Vray IR is now fully volumetric!
* LC_Lightcache: ultra fast GI engine only available in Vray, it delivers an accurate preview of the final image within seconds. it also delivers unlimited(!) light passes for extreme efficient light transport in the most difficult areas like no other engines, fully multi threaded. special mode to render whole LC GI for animation in one single frame.
* >> Physical Sun & Sky system, can be freely mixed with HDRI and/ or sky images enabled ultra fast setup of outdoor and indoor scenes. the atmosphere is calibrated my scientific measure. the atmosphere behaviour is adjustable.
* >> Physical and special Camera system: Vrays cameras offer all kinds of lenses, from pinhole like c4d to real physical lenses, fish eye and other adjustable distortions. even a 360 degree dome camera is available for special effects. the camera is fully editable like a real camera, with ISO, f stop, shutter speed, physical Depth of Field(DOF) and motion blur. each cienma4d camera can be easy transformed into a full physical Vray camera. the camera can be white balance adjusted with presets(d65, 75,96,..) and custom values.
* >> special Vray Multi layered BRDF material, with physical fast SSS2 and true volume transparency. includes fast and physical correct IOR values and true texture controllable anisotropic reflections. special materials like the 2 sided materials for extreme fast thin SSS and translucency or the blend material which enables you to blend, mix and combine Vray materials to one more complex one.
* >> support for 99% of the cinema4d native shaders, like the noise, layer, fresnel, falloff, hdri, filter, tiles shaders, even most third party shaders work.
* >> very deep control in vray render settings / Very asy to use presets in GI settings for fast start.
* powerfully vray compositing tag, with special shadow, reflection and GI matte capabilities. easy composite an object on a backdrop image.
* intelligent override system, that lest you exclude special materials from override. this is perfect for lighting a model in clay mode and still have realistic glas and transparency p.e.
* light include / exclude system
* powerful and fully adjustable tone mapping control (with reinhard tone mapping)
* free material sharing site with many free usable BRDF materials ready to use.
* free Vray learning scenes, made by Vray professionals for easy learning
* active support forum for sharing knowledge and exchange ideas with other vray users from all over the world, and for getting direct contact with the VRAYforC4D makers.
* ALL coming updates until version 2.0 are freely included for all registered customers.
* free unlimited(!) Vray NET render nodes are also included( for use with Maxon NET)
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