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Standart Adolf Hİtler


Adolf is known as the most powerful and dangerous dictator ever but in my opnion he was not like this. I will explain you why I am thinking like that.
First of all I would like to give information about his birth and and also his family life, why he killed the Jews. Then I will mention about his good sides as a German and good sides as a human, what he did for his nation and for the world. Next I will mention about his bad sides as a german and bad sides as a human, what he did against the world. Finally I will mention my opinion.
“Hitler was born in April 20, 1889; he was born in the small Austrian village of Branau Am Inn just across the border from German Bavaria and died in 30 April 1945 (suicide). His father, Alois, was born in 1837. . He was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber and her unknown mate. I mean Adolf ’s grandfather was Jewish. Adolf did not know who his grandfather was. His father had spent most of his life working at civil service rank. He was used to giving orders and having them obeyed and also expected this from his children.” (
His father brought up Adolf strictly. He beat Adolf mercilessly every day. Alois always gave advises about how Jews are bad people because when Alois was a child his friends always sneer him because of growing in anti-Jewish environment. Because of this situation always d Jewish people. There was another reason hating the Jewish, believed that the Jews were responsible for Germany’s defeat in the First World War. Jews also had the industrial power of Germany. For example, they had opened restaurants, banks, markets, etc. Therefore to take control of the industry and make Jews second-class people, banned Jews to join into some professions- medicine, dentistry, the civil service. Also their shops were boycotted from time to time. These made Jews second-class citizens and prevented them from marrying non-Jews. They also lost the right to vote and had to use separate seats in buses and parks, which were painted yellow. Finally he created The Concentration Camps and Jews were sent there. The Jews, who were sent there, was killed in gas rooms but there are speculations about that the bones of the Jews were used to make some devices.
First thing is he was not so brutal man. He also had a humanity side. As an example of that “at eighteen year old Adolf had grand ideas of someday becoming a great artist. Each October, entrance examinations were held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Despite his mother was a cancer, he left her alone and went the examination to be an artist” (
Another example that I can give you about his good side, nearly the entire world believes that was very dangerous dictator but I do not think so. He was one of the best politician of the world because he worked for his country. He feels that no one in German history equipped, as he is to bring the Germans to the supreme position, which all German statesmen have felt they deserved but were unable to achieve. This attitude is not confined to himself as a statesman. He also believes himself to be the greatest leader. Because he is a great leader he wanted to have great nation. To make this wish real endorsed genetic engineers to make researches. Engineers used to beautiful, handsome and smart Jewish people as a cavy to develop these researches. On the other hand, endorsed technicians to make a strong car (Volkswagen Beatle); he also developed the railway system of his country.
Hitler also did something in political life. As an example “when he took the control of Germany other party leaders especially the leaders of the Communist and Socialist party leaders were arrested and put in Concentration Camps. The Party (National Socialist Party) took control of every area of life in Germany. A secret police force was set up, the “Geheime Staats Polizei” (Gestapo). This was used to spy on people at all times. Germans learned to keep their mouths shut. Any sign of complaint could lead to arrest and “re-education” or to complete disappearance.” ( If was not a good person over 1.000.000 people did no follow his ideas and his orders.
He also change the educational system in Germany. All schools became single . s and boys were educated quite differently. s studied no foreign languages and the only maths and science they learnt. They also learnt cooking and childcare. Boys studied mathematics, science and took part in a great deal of physical exercise. All school lessons were based on ideas. School textbooks were rewritten especially history books. Books said “each war had been won” like in Turkish history books. The books say The Ottoman Empire did not lose any wars.
Because he was working for his country some behaviour of him was considered brutal by other nations.
For example, his opinions and attitude toward Jews did not fit the human’s right because while making the researches to create a perfect human he used Jews as a cavy. Another behaviour of him which did no fit human’s right that he killed homosexuals, lesbians and gypsies in the Concentration Camps. He also opened twenty Concentration Camps to kill altogether at least 6.000.000 Jews, along with more than 1.000.000 gypsies and 4.000.000 Soviet prisoners of war. This mass has become known as the Holocaust (büyük yıkım). Many Germans were unaware of what was happening.
According to many countries’ politics, was responsible for the Second World War. Therefore, he responsible from over 10.000.000 people’s from his country, from enemies’ countries and Germany’s supporters’ countries.
By using fascit system prevent his nation’s and Jews, who were live in Germany, vote right. He also put to separate Jews from Germans. This rule banned Jews to go out in the evening. This was called “curfew”.
In my opinion, was good person because what ever you do for your people it makes you good person for your country but it will make you bad person for other countries because while you are working for your country you may obstruct other countries aims. For example Atatürk was perfect politician for us but he killed many people in wars. He did this to save our country like did. Also we know Atatürk as a good person for his country but an Armenian knows him bad beacuse Atatürk killed to Armenians in wars.
On the other hand if Hitle did not use such strict rules while managing Germany, today’s Germany would not be stronger.
In conclusion, If Adolf were an artist, maybe we know him as a performer and if he were an artist maybe some countries are not be there including Germany to those countries.
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