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Alt 04-11-2008, 21:21   #1
Yaso - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
Üyelik tarihi: Jan 2008
Mesajlar: 32.967
Tecrübe Puanı: 1000
Yaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond reputeYaso has a reputation beyond repute
Standart Men In Black Ingilizce Kitap Ozeti

Oneday a man cried to everybody “The world is finished”.The man up and down Madison Avenue.Policeman James Edwards started to walk across to the man.”Stop!” called Edwards,And run after him.they run throught the New York streets.But the man was too fast for Edwards.Then a van went past,and Edwards jumped on to the van.He jumped off when the van was near the man.
Edwards could see the man’s eyes.But there was something diffrent about them.Each eye had two black holes in the centre of it.Then the men pulled out a gun,but Edwards hit it out of his hand.The gun went flying away and hit the road,Edwards saw it break into a mlion pieces.
Suddenly,the man pulled from Edwards and began to run again.He ran inside a bulding.The man run up to stairs and into a room and Edwards ran after him.
The man said “You don’t understand ,The world is finished”Then the man jumped out of the window.
Edwards told that his boss but Edward’s boss thinks he’s crazy.Afwe minute later poice doctor came near Edwards.She said “I’ve opened him up,Come to my room later.”
Suddenly there was a light outside the door,Edwards sut his eyes.When he opened them again,He saw a man was in the office.The man was all in black.
“They were not holes” said the man.”Who are you?” said Edwards.”Call me Kay”said the man.”Did he say anything to you?” said Kay.Yes he said “the world is finished”
“Did you see his gun ?”said Kay.”Yes saw it”Edwards answered.Edward’s boss came back to the office and He said “Good work Edwards and he smiled”Edwards not understood anything.“Wat’s happening?” he said to men in black.”we watch aliens in this world”said men Kay.”Now you can forget everythink ok?”Kay says to Edwards.Suddenley Edwards forgot everythink.He only remembered a crazy man runing along Madison Avenue,and next time he was in a chinisee restaurant.He looked across the table and saw a man ib black.The man looked his watch.”I must go “He said.He put a piece of papaer in front of Edwards and He said “Come and see me tomorrow at 9am Then Edwards looked at the piece of paper .”James D.Edwards,Saturday,9am”He turned the paper over and red:MIB

Beatrice worked hard to give her husband a nice hot dinner .But Edgar was never happy with it.There was always wrong.Suddenly there was a big noise outside.The plates moved on the table Everything in the house moved.”Stay there”Said Edgar he jumped up and openede the door and went outside.Beatrice went to the door and looked out.There was a big hole in the ground.Edgar was came back to the house.”Give me sugar.In water”Edgar said.Beatrice afraid of Edgar.”You are different” She said of Edgar.

Edwards arrived at piece of paper’s adress and he followed a man to room in the bulding.Then a Man in Black cam in.”Sit down he told Edwards.”Why are we here”asked asked to him.”My name is Zed” The Man in Black said.”You are here because you are the best” he said.He gave some paper to Edwards.”Frist,there are some questions for you to answer.”After Edwards finished writing Zed took took the man into the next room.The room’s wall opened,and Edwards swa alot of lighthts.3 moving pitures came out of the lights.two aliens and a human.Kill the dangerous thing!cried Zed.”Most of the aliens aren’t dangerous” said Zed.Suddenly the room’s door opened.It was the man from Chinese retaurant.”Come with me”said the men.”call me Kay”Who are you”edwards aked Kay.”Our job is to find and talk with aliens.”said Kay.We started to see them in the early 1950s,and the Men in Black started in 1955.Then some aliens talked to us on March 2,1961,near New York City “we have no home they told us.””Look at this photograps pf the 1964 World’s Fair”He showed Edwards a photograph.”You see those two tall buildings?They each have a space ship on them.People didn’t know that they were real space ships.”Now aliens arrive here everyyear,But nobody knows about them.”Kay said”I want a cup of coffee.Kay got a cup of coffee.”There are usually fifteen hundred aliens on earth at any one time”Kay told Edwards.”Most of the are here in New York.Slowly Edwards began to understand.”You want me to be a Men in Black”He said.”That’s right”said Kay.You are the best of the best.Buy you’ll lose your name,and nobody will know you,not you family,not your friends-nobody.Think about it,and give me your answer tomorrow morning.

Edgar didn’t go to bed that night.He said”I must get it right.early next morning a van arrived.It stopped outside the garage.Edgar went to look.There was a picture of a big bug on the van.A man got out.”Hello Edgar “The man said.I’ve come to kill those bugs in the garege.You remember?Hundreds of them.You asked me to.Edgar moved quicqly and killed the man.Then got into the van and drove it across to the hole in the ground.He opened the van’s back doors.and jumped down into the hole.The space ship was cold now.Edgar pushed it up out of the hole,and into the back of the van.He smiled.”That was easy”he said.then he climbed into the van and drove away.

“You want to me be a Man in Black?Well,OK,I will”.Edwards told Kay.good come with me said Kay.They went into a big room,and Edwards saw humans and aliens at work together.He saw Zed in front of a big screen with a picture of the world.There were thousands of small lights all over the picture.”This picture shows every alien in the world at any one timw”Kay told Edwards.”Every light on that screen is an alien”Then Zed gave Edwards a block coat,black trousers and black shoes.Put them on”he said.From now on your name is James Darrel EdwardsiBut you are going to take the name ‘Jay’.They drove into the city.Kay stopped near a newspaper shop.He came back with a newspaper and showed Jay the front of it:From wife says”Alies Took My Husband’s Body”They went to the Edgar’s hause.Beatrice came out of the house to meet them.”Can I help you”she asken.My name is Beatrice.Kay looked at the big hole in the ground near the house.”Are you laugh me too?”asked Beatrice.”the other policemen laughed at my story.”We aren’t gere to laugh”said Kay.”IS it OK to come in?”Beatrice began to tell her story.
“Edgar came in from work”she said.”He was tired.We started to eat dinner,and then heard this big noise.edgar got his gun and went outside.There was a big hole in the ground.When Edgar came back he was diffrent.It was somebody wearing him.Wearing his body .”Did he say anything”asked Kay.”He asked for water”Beatrice remembered “Sugar water”
OK beatrice there was no alien.He went out to the hole again.And Jay followed him Kay took a small box from his coat and moved it across the hole.A green light came on in the box.”Oh,no”he said.”It was a Bug.”Is it bad?”said Jay.”Bugs kill things aliens and people” said.In the same time,policemen found a corpse in a Russian restaurant.Jay and Kay went to this Russian restaurant.Dr.Laurel Weaver(Police’s doctor)looked at the second body from the russian restaurant.The cat sat on a bed near her and watched her cut into it with her kinefe.Nothing inside the body was human.”What is it?”somebody behind her.She turned quickly and saw two man.Ky said “I’m Doctor Leo Men ville and this is Doctor White.Have you got something unsual there?”Yes said Laurel.Kay moved nearer and looked at the body.
“Is that your cat?”Jay asked Laurel.”It is now”said laurel.”It come in with the bodies”She looked carefully at him.Do I Know you?”I wanted to ask you the same thing”said Jay.”I think something used this body and moved around it but what?”say Laurel.Suddenly Laurel said “look.”She put a finger near man’s ear.There was atin line behind it.In the ear there was a thin line behind it.Jay put out a hand and pushed the ear.There was a noise,and then the man’s face opened like a door.Inside the head was a small room,with TV screens .Jay and laurel looked at the little green man sat in front of the screens.Jay and Laurel looked at the little green man.and their mouths fell open.The little man tried say something.To stop...fighting...glaxy...on Orion’s”Belt?”asked jay.”Yes belt”green man said.Then he fell down.Jay looken at Kay and “What?” said Jay.”The Baltians and Arquillians are two glaxies”Kay told him.”They are fighting over the third Galaxy.They fight again and again,after year.”Jay and Kay was İn the MiB office.The big screen showed a picture of Orion.7 or 8 other men watched the screen with Jay and Kay.”This is Orion” said Zed.”Those three stars are Orion’s Belt.Galaxies are made of billions of stars.I don’t think the man said.”Belt”.You heard wrong.Jay.Kay looked at the screen.There were not as many lights on the world as earlier.All over the world,”they are leaving”he said.Then Kay tokk Jay to a romm and opened a box.he took out a big gun.Jay smiled and waited to get one the same.But Kay gave him the smallest gun in the box.”We call it the Noisy Bird”said Kay.Then they were went out.Jay saw the Edgar and fired at Edger but he didn’t hit him.Edgar was escaped.The Bug is in Edgar’s body.Jay understood it.In the next morning Jay and Kay catched Edgar and shoot him.Suddenly Edgar’s body opened.The bug climbed out.The bug run to the tall buldings for his space ship.Kay ran after him.In the tall building’s room Kay catched to bug,But bug ate him.But Kay was alive.Then he shoot bug and the Bug was sudenlly all ower the strret in hundreds of little pieces.In the end,The bugs .But Doctor Weaver saw everything .Now she is a Woman in Black.
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