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Standart Tom Hanks and His Films

Tom Hanks and His Films

Introduction - A summary of the research paper

1) Who is that man ?
a - The childhood and the school years
b - Discovering drama
c - Starting to make a career
d - Marriage and television
e - Being noticed in Hollywood and Rita Wilson

2) Reviews of some of his films
a - Philadelphia
b - Forrest Gump
c - Apollo 13
d - Cast Away

3) New projects

4) Films and the awards (supplementary)
a - Filmography
b - Important awards

5) Bibliography

In this study you are going to be mentioned about Tom Hanks' life and some of his films including Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and Cast Away. The first part of the study is about Tom Hanks' life; for instance his childhood and the school years or the television and Hollywood years. The second one is the films' part; this section contains some reviews and comments about the films. Then I am going to mention about his new projects and conclude the study in the third part. The fourth part includes a supplementary about all of his films and some awards that he took, and lastly the fifth part is the bibliography.
Thomas J. Hanks was born in Concord, California on July 9, 1956. He was the 3rd child of the family. He was not a lucky child because when he was 5 years old his parents were divorced. He summarized his childhood with a few words, "By the time I was 10, I had had 3 mothers, 5 grammar schools and 10 houses." Because his father married twice more after divorcing Tom's mother and they were like migrants till his father found a new job and a new mother for Tom. They started to live in Oakland, California and Tom attended both junior high and high school in there.
In Skyline High School, his talent for comedy was realized and he was called as "Class Cutup" because of being "the loud one" in the school, but he didn't think about acting until a friend of him had a part in a school production of Dracula. Then he started to participate in the productions and took his first job as a stage manager in a school play. After that he took roles in the productions and won Skyline's best award (Best Actor) as Luther Billis in South Pacific. When he was awarded by the school, he was a senior and dreaming to become a real actor.
The dreams were starting to become true, Tom Hanks made his choice and from now on, acting was not only his interest but also his professional career. He was in California State University when he met Samantha Lewes who was going to be Tom's first wife. In 1977 he finished his college, went to Cleveland and began work as an intern for the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. It was the first time that he worked with the professional actors. Now he was earning $210 a week for working as an actor because he won the Gremio role in the production of The Taming of the Shrew. Also in this year Samantha Lewes came to Cleveland and they began a new life of theater and acting.
Tom was only 22 years old when his first son Colin was given birth by Samantha. It was his final season with the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in the spring of 1979. At the festival he played Harold Pinter in Do Me A Favorite and Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Because of Tom's success Vincent Dowling (a critic) has said, "He was the best Shakespearen clown I ever knew, because he was seriously real and seriously funny at the same time."
Tom was lucky because in 1980 he had a chance of working with ABC Television for a new program which is called Talent Development Program that is designed to discover and develop new talent for the network. Tom has applied to this new program and the producers gave him a $50,000 contract for the role of Kip Wilson in Bosom Buddies. After 37 episodes Bosom Buddies was canceled and also in that year Tom had a second child who is named Elizabeth and he took guest roles in such series like Happy Days and The Love Boat.
Happy Days brought Tom an unexpected opportunity to become famous, because Touchstone Pictures was searching a lead role for the movie of Splash. The producer of the film, Ron Howard remembered Tom Hanks from the guest roles on Happy Days and they gave the role to Tom and also they gave him a big chance to make a name for himself on the big screen. Splash was released in 1984 and Tom Hanks' life began to change significantly because critics made good reviews for the film. Tom was getting noticed in Hollywood because of proving himself as an actor who could make big budget film instead of infrequent guest roles in television.
Tom began to work harder and harder because his fame was developing continuously and the producers wanted to see him in new productions. Tom made 6 films in 4 years; he was working so hard that he couldn't find any time for his marriage. The marriage was becoming increasingly strained. On one of the films set (Volunteers) he met Rita Wilson, then the friendship between them developed quickly but Tom was still married. Once he said, "My marriage had all but fallen apart when I met Rita but I was still determined to try and make it work. I didn't want my children to go through what I'd gone through as a youngster." In order to saving his marriage he supported his wife and gave her a job as a co-producer in a play, although the marriage didn't survive and in 1985 they divorced.
It was 1986 when Tom earned his first $1 million payment from the film of Every Time We Say Goodbye, also this film displayed that Tom Hanks could be successful in a serious as a romantic man. This film brought Tom so many opportunities in the following years because he commenced to make dramas instead of comedies.
Tom made another important decision to change his life and in 1987 he asked Rita Wilson to marry him. They married one year later on April 30th.
Producers wanted Tom as their first choice for the role while they were passing over Harrison Ford or Robert De Niro for the film called Big. Tom acted so well that he was nominated for the Oscar as the Best Actor. It was his first nomination for the Academy Awards. He couldn't win the Oscar but he took the Golden Globe and the Saturn Awards in reply to his whimsical performance in the Big.
In 1992 Tom Hanks had a part in a baseball film that is called A League of Their Own which was about women baseball players who were supposed to take the real players' places for the future of the league in the war years. Tom acted as Jimmy Dugan, a drunk, down and out baseball manager. By the release of this film a non-stop serie of successful films began. After that Tom produced the films like Sleepless in Seattle and Philadelphia. He was nominated for the Oscar for the second time in the branch of Best Actor as Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia and his outstanding performance brought him the first Oscar in 1993.
The same year he filmed both Forrest Gump and Apollo 13. The critics predicted that he would take his second Oscar by the release of Forrest Gump. They were right in their guesses because in 1994 he won the Best Actor Oscar by the leading role in Forrest Gump. Taking this Oscar made him the second man who won two Best Actor Oscar back to back (Spencer Tracy was the first). On the other hand, he portrayed an astronaut, Jim Lovell, in the movie of Apollo 13 and by this film he had a chance to realize his childhood dreams about space.
Apollo 13 couldn't stop Tom's fascination for space and led him to produce one of the largest TV production of all the times, From the Earth to the Moon. It was a mini serie that mentioned about the birth and early growth of the space programs. He both worked as the writer, director, executive producer and performer in this series.
Saving Private Ryan gave him another nomination for the Oscar. He portrayed Captain John Miller who searched a soldier in World War the second with an eight man squad. In another film, The Green Mile, he played as a prison guard who was working in a jail that accommodated people who sentenced to capital punishment. The movie was an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King.
Tom was busied with Cast Away in 2000. The film was produced in two parts, because he portrayed a man who spent four years in an vacant island as a lonely survivor and he was a totally different man at the beginning and the end of the movie, therefore he lost weight for the success of the film and he was reciprocated with the Oscar nomination.


Release Date : December 22, 1993 (US)
Starring : Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas, Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Lisa Summerour

Directed by : Jonathan Demme

In the movie Philadelphia, Tom Hanks acts as a young lawyer (Andrew Beckett) who is suffering from AIDS, Antonio Banderas as his partner and Denzel Washington (Joe Miller) as another lawyer who is going to take Hanks' case.
Andrew Beckett is a very successful counsel in a law firm, he takes the most important cases and the big jobs. Once again the partners of the firm trust him and offer him a big client. He accepts the case and shakes hands with them, suddenly a partner of the firm realizes a lesion on his head so from this moment they start to have a suspicion about Beckett that he may have the HIV virus.
The illness begins to develop so Beckett gets permission from his company and starts to work in his home. When he finished his work one night he comes to the company and puts the file on his desk. The other day he gets worse and goes to the hospital. While he is in the hospital a call comes from his firm and they say that they couldn't find the file of the case, although there is only 75 minutes have in order to give the file. They look at the computer too but the file was deleted, then Beckett has to go to the firm, they find the file by a miracle and give it in time.
After this "file trouble", Beckett is dismissed because the firm thinks that he is not adequate for the job and may cause another problems, but Beckett thinks that the main reason for dismissing is his illness. He decides to bring a suit against the company and goes to nine different lawyers until he comes to Joe Miller's office. He tells Miller about the case but at first he refuses to take it because of his prejudice about the homosexuals and AIDS. Then he recognizes a hint of familiar discrimination in the way that Beckett is being treated and accepts the case. The remaining parts of the film are usually in the court. Beckett and Miller are now striving for the case for Beckett's honour.
There are some important scenes in the film, for instance a changing room flashback where Beckett learns that in order to keep his job he has to hide his homosexuality, the scene that takes place in a market where a law student asks to Miller for a date assuming that he must be a homosexual because he defends Beckett, or the brilliant aria scene. It is believed that; "If there is a scene that Tom Hanks earn the Academy Award by, it's where his character gives an impassioned translation of the aria "La Momma Morta" while Miller looks on in stunned silence. This scene is Philadelphia's watershed." (James Berardinelli, a critic) In this scene you watch Beckett by the reflection of the fire on his face, and he is translating the aria spontaneously while Maria Callas is singing.
As it is supposed at the end of the film they win the suit and have the right to take the compensation, moreover they win this "honour fight". Unfortunately Beckett gets worse and worse so he takes to hospital when the case is still in progress. A few days later Miller comes to the hospital to say that they accomplished, and this is the last meeting between them. On that night Andrew Beckett dies.
"The film splits its time fairly evenly between the stories of both men, with Washington being forced to come to terms with his own prejudices and Hanks coming to terms with his fate." (Chris Hicks, Deseret News movie critic)
This is the first film that brought him the Oscar and his performance makes the whole scenario believable. Also it is the Hollywood's first major attempt to deal with AIDS in a serious manner.

Release Date : 1994 (US)
Starring : Tom Hanks, Hanna R. Hall, Mykelti Williamson, Gary Sinise, Sally Field
Directed by : Robert Zemeckis
Forrest Gump is about a man's life with an IQ of 75 and his meetings with the love of his life, Jenny (Hanna R. Hall). The movie includes Forest's accidentally experiences with some of the most important people and events in America. For instance; a meeting with Elvis Presley, Lyndon Johnson, John Lennon, Richard Nixon, fighting in Vietnam and the list goes on. However he is such an idiot that he doesn't notice the importance of his actions.
The story begins at a small bus stop where Forrest tells his life, capturing the fame, fortune and glory, to other people. However his one true love has continuously eluded him.
Forrest tells his story to different people and everyone listens one part of his life because of the fact that they are in a bus stop and people leave him when their bus comes. At first he starts to tell the story to a woman who gets off one of the buses and sits next to him. "When I was a young kid I had problems with both my legs and I had to wear braces that made me waddle like a duck. Kids made fun of me, laughed at me and even threw things to me. I had no friend and one day in my school bus a girl sat next to me (Jenny) and she was the person that changed my life. Our friendship grew and one day she commanded me with the most important sentence of my life when I was escaping from some bullies "RUN FORREST RUN!" Suddenly I started to run faster and faster that all my braces were broken. This long run changed my life by racing through a football practice where I was noticed by the coaches. After that they found me in order to join the team and my life began to change at this point. They always told me what to do and used me to run the ball down the field by escaping from the rivals. The coach told me when I was supposed to run and stop so I became a good football player and extracted my secret talent."
By the film progresses Jenny and Forrest sometimes have to break up for some reasons and get together eventually. To summarize he grows up, goes to Vietnam war and becomes a war hero by saving his lieutenant's life (Gary Sinise) by carrying him through the war field and gets a bullet in the hip. Then he begins the shrimp business with his lieutenant and makes great money. At the end he gets together with Jenny and keeps on living a happy life.
The film also includes some coincidences with real life, for instance Elvis Presley based his dance on Forrest's weird figures or the yellow smiley face logo was emerged when he wiped his face on a yellow T-shirt.
Taking everything into account Forrest Gump is truly an actor's film and deserves all the Oscars that it was given to. Tom Hanks shows a great performance and prove that he can play whomever he wants. There is no affectation in his performance in such a long film like Forrest Gump. The film also tells us to look over our lives once more and enjoy them. By seeing that a man with an IQ of 75 does a lot of things and makes a fortune in his life, you might do major changes in yours and discover your unknown talents. Briefly the best sentence that summarizes the film is that, "Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get."

Release date : June 30 , 1995 (US)
Starring : Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, Gary Sinise, Kathleen Quinlan
Directed by : Ron Howard
Written by : Jim Lovell
A brief about the project Apollo 13
In 1960s United States and Russia were in a competition, to send a spacecraft to the moon with real astronauts. USA won the race and in July of 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon then they repeated their performance and landed Apollo 12 only five months later. The media was considering the moon landings as routine and paying little attention to number thirteen. Apollo 13 was the mankind's 5th lunar mission and it was the third that land on the moon, but because of a disaster which happened in the spacecraft's power supply while 200,000 miles away from Earth, the crew of the ship put their lives in danger.
The Film
The movie is based on the book called "The Lost Moon" and the author of this book is Jim Lovell. He was also the astronaut who worked as the captain of the crew in Apollo 13. In this movie Jim Lovell is performed by Tom Hanks.
At the beginning of the movie we saw the characters before they were accepted for Apollo 13. We watched their family lives and had an opinion about their characteristics. The director made us to watch these scenes in order to be more inside the film and feel the right emotions while the film is progressing. We watched their families in some parts of the film while they are in spacecraft and saw the families' feelings about the astronauts, so this leads a more dramatic film.
After the election of the astronauts for the mission they attended several special education programs about the spacecraft that they were going to be in. They were introduced to the press and so became the new heros of United States. People expected success from them so their nation could be more steps beyond from Russia. According to me one of the interesting part of the movie is that when a reporter asked a question to Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) regarding the superstition about the number of 13, he answered that they are aware of this but actually they don't believe in superstitions yet because of the requests they found a black cat, made it pass near the spacecraft and pulled their hair just in case!
At the takeoff day everybody says goodbye to each other. The astronauts take their seats and Houston makes a matterless takeoff. While they are doing an ordinary flight suddenly the troubles begin with an electric failure and this results in an explosion in the oxygen tanks which puts the crew in a mortal danger.
From now on the story begins to be more interesting and exciting, and the most known sentence of the film (Houston we've got a problem) begins to be said in every dangerous situation. The astronauts have to make some decisions in order to save their lives, because the mission is changed from "going to the moon" to "survive".
They first leave to space one part of the spacecraft in order to save energy, also when they left this part they realized that a big damage occurred on the front of it. Every minute is going to be more important because they are now in a very small part of the ship with very little oxygen that is nearly not adequate for 3 men. Also the media starts to give attention to the subject that all the TV channels and newspapers follow the case very closely. While one program broadcasts the scientific facts about the space and the astronaut's situation, another program shows these 3 men's lives from the childhood to now. America learns all the truths about these men and starts to pray for them.
After the long nights and the days, NASA decides that the best way to bring them back is that leave the ship into the moon's orbit. By this way the spacecraft will turn around the moon, pass from the dark side of the moon, gain velocity for the return route and then they will turn the engines on when they are in the right place, so they save energy and fuel because they are not going to use any energy while they are into the orbit.
Some people think that they are not going to succeed, but some others believe in their achievement. In these days the TV programs start to argue about the decision that NASA made. They invite some specialists and old astronauts to their programs and ask them about the turning route, but almost every program decides that the way which they are going to come is so risky and hard to finish, because the astronauts have to command the spacecraft manual owing to the fact that the automatic system was broken. Everyone thinks that the hardest part of the job is to enter to the earth's orbit manually because if they don't come towards the earth with the right angle they burn while they are passing from atmosphere. In other words if the moon is an orange and the earth is a basketball the route that they have to be in is as slim as a sheet.
The day comes and they turn around the moon and get out of moon's orbit. They take the coordinations from the NASA, fasten their seatbelts and start the engines for the coming route of their home. In last scene that takes place in the spacecraft Tom Hanks as the veteran says "Gentlemen, it has been a privilege flying with you." to his friends and then the connection with NASA breaks off and a big silence starts. The reason of this silence is that they are not able to make connection with the spacecraft while it passes through the atmosphere and the specialists say that if this silence takes longer than 3 minutes NASA can't connect to astronauts forever. Everyone holds their breaths and looks forward to the air with hopeful eyes. This silence takes a little bit longer and people begin to cry for them one by one because the time is over now and they haven't already heard any voice from the astronauts. Then everybody's feelings turn to happiness from sadness by the words that utter from Tom Hanks' mouth, "Houston this is Odyssey, it's good to see you again." People are now crying because they feel bliss not sorrow. The astronauts fall into the sea, are saved by a rescue ship and become the new heros of United States.
As a critic said "The complex world of the lunar astronaut has been wonderfully simplified, giving a very accessible story without losing the sense of true-to-life accuracy and detail." The release of the film also shows that Tom Hanks is so knowledgeable about the space programs and he can have quite possibly flown in space himself. This knowledge about the space gives Tom a lot of advantages that he acts magnificently in that film.

Release Date : December 22 , 2000
Starring : Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt
Directed by : Robert Zemeckis
In this movie Tom Hanks acts as Chuck Noland a system analyst for a worldwide express delivery service (FedEx) who has a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Kelly (Helen Hunt).
At the beginning of the movie you may think that you are still watching the commercials because in the first 5 minutes FedEx is the owner of the leading role. We are watching the FedEx trucks, buildings and the employees through this 5 minutes. Finally a child comes to an office with a parcel with him and gives it to Chuck Noland. At this time Noland gives a lecture to the employees about the importance of the time in their business and then he takes the parcel and opens it. Everybody is looking with curiosity to the package wondering what is in it. Then Noland puts out an egg clock and tells everybody that he sent this package to himself because he wants that how long it takes to receiving the parcel by FedEx and the film starts with that massage that he takes his job pretty seriously.
Then we see Noland in a Christmas dinner with his girlfriend and his family, but it is not a long Christmas for him because he has to go to Malaysia because of business. At the airport he says goodbye to his girlfriend, Kelly and he gets into the plane.
While they are flying over the South Pacific an explosion occurs and he finds himself under the salty water of the Pacific. He is the only survivor from the crash by an inflatable life raft and this raft takes him to a deserted tropical island.
By this point the film really starts and we watch Tom as "Robinson Crusoe" owing to the fact that he has to continue his life by learning how to get drinking water and food at such an island like this. First he collects the packages which came from the plane to the coast of the island. While he is collecting the parcels he also sorts them as he is in the delivery warehouse, then he opens and utilizes them. For instance he uses ice skating shoes as a knife and a dress with tulles as a fishing net.
In these parts of the film we are watching Tom with the sound of the ocean. There is no soundtrack or speech but Tom's ultimate acting once shows that you can watch him through the hours without getting bored. Then Tom as Chuck Noland accidentally creates a character that can't talk but listen to him with silence. This character is a volleyball which is called Mr. Wilson (because of its brand name) and found in one of the packages. Noland impulsively draws a face on it by his blood that bleeds by an accident. This blood face gives the ball a personality and by the time Mr. Wilson becomes his quiet friend.
Then the screen turns black and opens up with a scene that is 4 years later after the accident. The time has changed a lot of things; Noland has become a slim, tanned man but he has learned how to fish, make drinking water etc. and become an expert on the subject of survival. He has also develop his friendship with Wilson and started to make the plans of putting to sea. He makes ropes from the trees and binds the trunks to each other with the help of these ropes. The most important part of his "rescue ship" is a plastic item that came from the Pacific. It looks like a part of a cabin or a plastic door and seems useful for the raft.
All the things were ready and he hoists sails on a day which he decided before considering the annual winds and waves. Once again he is in the Pacific in order to survive but this time he isn't lonely, Wilson is with him. He rows as long as he can and then leaves the raft to the wind. He gets tired and falls asleep and suddenly his 4 year friendship with Wilson ends because it falls into the sea and goes by the waves. When he realized that Wilson abandoned him, he commences to swim but because of the long distance he gives up in order to catch his raft. He starts to cry like a small child as if he lost his mother so it is easily understood that he had such a close relationship with Mr. Wilson that despite of the fact that it is an ordinary volleyball, the deprivation of it effects Noland so badly. Soon he is rescued by a ship and they bring him to home.
His company organizes a ceremony for him and his friends arrange a "Welcome Home" party. However the life has a little bit changed; unfortunately his girlfriend is now married and also has a baby. One night he goes to her house. They talk about the passed 4 years and about the future. At this part of the film you expect that the girl may go with Noland and continue their relationship, nevertheless not only the fact that she is married but also the fact that she has a new born baby that prevents her going with him. Consequently she stays at home so Noland has to change his life once more. He buys a new Wilson volleyball and a new life for him starts.
"Cast Away is a solid portrait of a man who is suddenly forced to see his life in terms of distances, both geographic and emotional, it offers a convincing demonstration of how bitterness and optimism can taint each other, even within the same person." (Dallas Morning News)

New Projects
We are going to see Tom in a true-life tale which is called "Band of Brothers". It traces the dramatic exploits of a U.S army unit as it fights across Europe. The project is a cooperation of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The critics claim that the project is an inspiration of the Hanks' and Spilberg's awarded film "Saving Private Ryan".
It is filmed in 2000 and took eight months finishing it. The film employed 10,000 extras and was put together by eight directors. Then Hanks and Spielberg realized that such a huge story couldn't be told in one feature length film, so they decided it as a 10 part television serial and Home Box Office (HBO) was arranged as the production company. HBO attached importance to special effects and spared no expense; for instance more than 130 tons of paper was used to create snow for a single forest set. The production saved money by abstaining from stars.
Another project is a gangster film, "The Road to Perdition". Sam Mendes is the director of the film and the actors are Tom Hanks, Paul Newman and Tom Sizemore. The movie is about a hitman (Hanks) who seeks the murderers of his loved ones in order to avenge.
Furthermore Tom Hanks has a collaboration with Robert Zemeckis once more in an upcoming drama called "The Senator" for Dreamworks Pictures. Zemeckis revealed in a press release that "This spectacular new masterpiece will explore the rise and the fall of a US senator." He also said that " Tom and I both agreed that to really play the part of a senator with cinematic accuracy, he should actually run for the Senate." When it is asked that how will this be achieved, he briefly answered that they first shoot the opening sequences of Tom's character deciding to run for the Senate and then stop filming and wait for the 2002 election season because they want to follow Hanks in a real campaign. By this way they will follow his every step and have more access to a senator's life. If it is realized it will be a first in cinema and it is said that Tom Hanks is going to play Mahatma Ghandi with Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts if "The Senate" achieves a success.
Tom Hanks is now the owner of a great wealth that he is in the richest ten men list in Hollywood. He is awarded by the Oscar two times and nominated five times. Needless to say he is now one of the most famous and liked man of the world. As the director Robert Zemeckis said "I mean it's Tom Hanks. He can do anything. He can play gay, retarded, or just plain stupid. He could play a proud scientist or a lonely castaway. He could play god if he wanted to."

He Knows You're Alone (1980) [Elliot]
Mazes and Monsters (1982) (TV) [Robbie Wheeling]
Splash (1984) [Allen Bauer]
Bachelor Party (1984) [Rick Gassko]
Volunteers (1985) [Lawrence Bourne III]
The Man with One Red Shoe (1985) [Richard]
The Money Pit (1986) [Walter Fielding]
Every Time We Say Goodbye (1986) [David Bradford]
Nothing in Common (1986) [David Basner]
Dragnet (1987) [Pep Streebeck]
Big (1988) [Older Josh Baskin]
Punchline (1988) [Steven Gold]
Turner & Hooch (1989) [Scott Turner]
The 'Burbs (1989) [Ray Peterson]
The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) [Sherman McCoy]
Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) [Joe Banks]
A League of Their Own (1992) [Jimmy Dugan]
A League of Their Own - The Documentary (1992) [Himself]
Radio Flyer (1992) [Older Mike] (uncredited)
Philadelphia (1993) [Andrew Beckett]
Sleepless in Seattle (1993) [Sam Baldwin]
Forrest Gump (1994) [Forrest Gump]
Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump (1994) [Himself]
Apollo 13 (1995) [Jim Lovell]
The Celluloid Closet (1995) [Interviewee]
Toy Story (1995) (voice) [Woody]
That Thing You Do! (1996) [Mr. White]
Saving Private Ryan (1998) [Capt. John Miller]
You've Got Mail (1998) [Joe Fox III]
Toy Story 2 (1999) (voice) [Woody]
The Green Mile (1999) [Paul Edgecomb]
CastAway (2000) [Chuck Noland]

1988 Nominated Best Actor
For : Big
1993 Won Best Actor
For : Philadelphia
1994 Won Best Actor
For : Forest Gump
1999 Nominated Best Actor
For : Saving Private Ryan
2000 Nominated Best Actor
For : Cast Away


1988 Won Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical
For : Big
1994 Won Best Actor in a Drama
For : Philadelphia
1994 Nominated Best Actor in a Drama
For : Sleepless in Seattle
1995 Won Best Actor in a Drama
For : Forest Gump
1999 Nominated Best Actor in a Drama
For : Saving Private Ryan
2000 Won Best Actor in a Drama
For : Cast Away

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