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Yaso - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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Standart David Copperfield


David was born in Blunderstone, in Suffolk, in the east of England. The name “David” comes from his father’s name. When he was born, his father had died. He has a mother called Clara. The richest and the most important person in their family is his father’s aunt Miss Betsey Trotwood.
Miss Betsey Trotwood had been married once. But their marriage didn’t spend too long. Because her husband demanded money from her, and sometimes beat her, so she decided to divorce. After their divorce, her husband went abroad. And soon she found out that her husband had died.
One day, before David’s birth, Miss Betsey Trotwood went to visit his mother. And while they were talking about Mr. Copperfield’s death, suddenly Mrs. Copperfield fell down. Their servant Peggotty called the doctor. The doctor came and he stayed all evening. After his examination, he came to the sitting room. Miss Betsey Trotwood asked him how she was. The doctor said she was good and added that she had got a baby. She was very sorry because she had wanted a girl baby. So she went away and never came back.
A few days later, David realized that his mother went out walking, in her best clothes, with a gentleman called Mr. Murdstone. Peggotty didn’t like him.
One day, Peggotty told him that his mother was going to have a short holiday with some of her friends. Meanwhile, Peggotty and David could go to stay with Peggotty’s brother Daniel in Yarmouth for two weeks.
After their journey, they arrived in Yarmouth. There was a house on the sand. Daniel Peggotty and his adopted children Emily and Ham were living at this house. David was introduced to them. He was very happy there. So he was crying when they left.
On their journey, Peggotty told him that she had to say something to him and said that his mother had got married with Mr. Murdstone. After this event David was shocked and he didn’t know what to say.
When they arrived home, he went to his room and started sobbing. His mother came into the room to calm down her son. Suddenly Mr. Murdstone came in and told her to be firm with him. And Mrs. Copperfield promised him to be firmer with David. When Mrs. Copperfield got out of the room, David and Mr. Murdstone left alone. Then Mr. Murdstone ordered him to be careful and threatened him to beat if he didn’t obey him.
One day, Mr. Murdstone’s sister arrived home to “help”. She told Mrs. Copperfield that she was too young. So she wanted her to take care of everything for Mrs. Copperfield. Then she started to control the house.
In the past, Mrs. Copperfield used to teach David everything. Their study was good. But now it wasn’t because Mr. Murdstone was insisting on his studying. So he couldn’t concentrate.
One morning, David saw Mr. Murdstone with a stick in his hand. Then Mr. Murdstone started asking him questions about lessons. He had seen the stick, so he couldn’t answer the questions. After that he beat him and David started crying. Finally he was punished and he couldn’t go out of the room for five days.
At the fifth day’s night, Peggotty came into the room and told David that Mr. Murdstone was going to sent him to a boarding school. After that David was very worried.
The next day, David prepared his suitcase and started the journey. When he was going on his journey, Mr. Barkis, who is the driver of the cart, asked David if Peggotty had a young man. And David said “no”. Then Mr. Barkis wanted David to tell Peggotty that “Barkis is willing”. When he arrived in Yarmouth, he wrote a letter to Peggotty and said that Barkis was willing in his letter.
After a few days, he went to the London. He was collected by a teacher called “Mr. Mell” and taken to Salem House (Salem House was a school which the Murdstones had chosen for David). The school was a large building with a dusty playground.
When he was at school, there was nobody there. He was very worried. And he was told that he had been sent there during the holidays as a punishment for his wickedness.
He spent a whole month there with Mr. Mell. One day, Mr. Mell told him that Mr. Creakle, who was the headmaster of the school, had returned and had wanted to see him.
When the school started, David met the other students. One of the students was a boy named “Steerforth”. He was very well-loved boy and very reliable. He had a great influence over the other students. David and Steerforth got used to each other easily. But although the other boys were kind, Steerforth suggested David taking care of his money for him. And David accepted.
He stayed there for three months. After this time, he arrived in Blunderstone. He was very surprised when he found out that his mother had got a new baby.
At the end of David’s vacation, He got on the cart and started his journey. He turned back to look at his mother. His mother was unhappy.
It was the last time he saw her.
On the David’s birthday, a message came for him to go and see Mr. Creakle. He went to his room. Mr. Creakle’s wife was there. David supposed that Peggotty had sent him a present for his birthday. But it was not. Mrs. Creakle told him that his mother had died.
Mrs. Creakle sent him home on the coach for the funeral. When he arrived home, he saw that his little brother had died. This situation made him feel worse.
After the funeral, Peggotty suggested David taking him with her for a holiday. To his surprise, the Murdstones agreed. Next morning, Peggotty and David got on the cart and started their journey.
When they arrived in Yarmouth, Daniel and Ham Peggotty was waiting for them. They went to home. In the evening, David started talking about his school and his friends especially Steerforth. He admired him so much that he couldn’t stop himself telling them all about him.
One day, Peggotty explained to David that she had decided to marry Mr. Barkis and told him that he could visit them whenever he wanted.
He returned to Blunderstone. The Murdstones wanted to get rid of David. So they told him that the school was too expensive and wanted him to find a job.
He found a job. His job was to wash the bottles. And he was paid only ten shillings. Also there were some men who were working there. They were coarse men. He was afraid of them. Because he didn’t have any friends there like Steerforth.
Mr. Murdstone asked the manager Mr. Quinton to find somewhere to stay for David. Mr. Quinton called David to introduce to Mr. Micawber. He was a middle-aged man with a bald head. Mr. Micawber suggested David staying with him. And David accepted.
Mr. Micawber was a poor man. He had a lot of debts. Bur Mr. and Mrs. Micawber were living a happy life. They had four children and a servant. David always bought his needs by himself. He didn’t want to be parasite.
Mr. Micawber was taken to the prison because he couldn’t pay his debts. David always visited Mr. Micawber and lent him some money. One day when David visited him, he had gone out of the prison. Because the creditors had realized that Mr. Micawber couldn’t pay his debts.
After a few weeks, the Micawbers left London. David had left lonely. He had ten shillings to spend. So he decided to go to his father’s aunt, Miss Betsey Trotwood. He packed his suitcases and called a cart. The cart stopped and when he got on the cart, the driver pushed him away, took his money and went. He had no money now. So he decided to walk to Dover, where Miss Trotwood lived.
After six days, he arrived in Dover and asked everybody where Miss Trotwood lived. Someone realized that where she lived and showed him.
When David came to Miss Trotwood’s home, she was sitting outside. David was very tired. He told Miss Trotwood that he was his nephew’s son. So she got him into the house immediately. There was someone who was very intelligent called “Mr. Dick”. He suggested Miss Trotwood washing David and putting him into the bed.
A day after, Miss Betsey Trotwood told David that she had written a letter to the Murdstones to come there. David was very worried. When the Murdstones arrived home, David wanted her not to let him go with them and explained that the Murdstones was very unkind to him. So Miss Trotwood didn’t let him go.
One day, Miss Trotwood suggested David going to a boarding school in Canterbury. Canterbury was very near the home. David was delighted when he heard this. But Miss Trotwood had to talk to her lawyer, Mr. Wickfield.
They went to Mr. Wickfield’s office together. He talked about a good school. But it was too far to travel from Dover. So he suggested David staying with them. David and Miss Trotwood agreed instantly.
Mr. Wickfield had a daughter called “Agnes”. She was pretty and very important for Mr. Wickfield.
After a few days, he started going to the school. This school was better than Salem House. He made a lot of friends there. But there was someone who was very strange in his life. His name was Uriah Heep. This person had been working for Mr. Wickfield and he had strange behaviours.
One day, David went Uriah’s room. At first sight he thought that Uriah was Mr. Wickfield’s assistant. But Uriah always said that he was a humble person to be Mr. Wickfield’s assistant. A day after, Uriah invited him to his house. David accepted. While they were going to Uriah and her mother’s home, they encountered Mr. Micawber. They were glad to see each other. David saw that the Micawbers were still poor.
The years passed. David was seventeen years old. His aunt suggested him spending a month in London or travelling round the country before choosing the profession. David accepted.
One day, when he was in London, he encountered Steerforth. They were very delighted to see each other. Steerforth was also staying in the same hotel. When Steerforth asked David which room he stayed in, he said that he was staying in a small room. Steerforth was very angry when he heard this. He talked to the official of the hotel and he changed David’s room. Now he was staying in a spacious room.
Steerforth was going to Oxford University. But he always said to David that anything exciting ever happened there. And explained he was in London for this reason. But he had found London boring. David showed him around London. And Steerforth enjoyed very much. In these days, David suggested him going to Yarmouth to visit old Peggotty and Daniel. Steerforth accepted. When they arrived in Yarmouth, Peggotty and Daniel were very delighted to see David. Ham and Emily were, too. At that night, Ham explained that he was going to marry Emily. Somehow Steerforth didn’t approve it. But he didn’t tell them anything. Steerforth and David had returned to London. David saw that Miss Betsey Trotwood had been there. She had come there to suggest him being a lawyer. It excited David and he accepted. She wanted him to go to Mr. Spenlow’s office to talk about terms. Mr. Spenlow accepted his qualifications. And then David started being trained by him.
Meanwhile, David had moved into a new house that Miss Betsey Trotwood had bought for him. One day, he took his first visitors. They were Steerforth and his friends. At night, they were drunk but one of Steerforth’s friends suggested them going to the theatre.
They went to the theatre. David encountered Agnes. They were surprised to see each other. But Agnes told David to be quiet and wanted him to ask his friends to take him home. He did.
After a few days, a note was delivered. It was from Agnes and she had written her address on it. So David went to her house to meet her. She told him that Steerforth wasn’t a good friend for him and talked about Steerforth’s influence over David. David didn’t agree with her because Steerforth was the most reliable person for him. After that, Agnes talked about Uriah Heep. She said that he would become his father’s partner. David was very worried when he heard this because Uriah was a very strange person. Agnes was crying. David promised to visit her in Canterbury soon.
One day, Uriah invited David to his house. He told him that he loved Agnes. David got angry when he heard this and wanted to beat him. But he did nothing.
A year had passed since David started to work for Mr. Spenlow. They had gone a lot of cases together. And he had learnt a lot of things from him. One day while they were on business, Mr. Spenlow suggested him going his house. David accepted gratefully.
During the meal, Mr. Spenlow asked one of his servants where Dora was. David thought that the name “Dora” was beautiful. But the name wasn’t the only beautiful thing. Dora was more beautiful than her name. So David fell in love in a second. Unfortunately, his happiness didn’t spend too long. Because he had seen Mrs. Murdstone in front of him. He was very sad. After a few minutes, Mrs. Murdstone invited him out and wanted him to forget everything about the past. And David agreed with her.
One day, Steerforth came to visit David. He explained him that he had been to Yarmouth in the last one year. And told him Mr. Barkis was very ill. So David decided to go to Yarmouth in order to visit Mr. Barkis. When he reached Yarmouth, everybody was very sad. Peggotty, Daniel, Ham, Emily, all of them was crying. Peggotty got David upstairs to see Mr. Barkis. He was delighted when he saw David. Mr. Barkis hugged him happily. In the next morning, Mr. Barkis opened his eyes and said “Barkis is willing”. After that he died. He was buried in Blunderstone churchyard.
The following day was his last day in Yarmouth. So he arrived in Yarmouth from Blunderstone. But he couldn’t see Ham and Emily. He waited for a little time. Then Ham came in and wanted him to talk about Emily. They went out and he requested David to read the letter in his hand. Emily had escaped with Steerforth! And she had written that she would love everybody forever in her letter. Ham was very worried. A few minutes later, Daniel came near them. He was depressed when he heard this. And he decided to search her everywhere ordered Ham to stay in Yarmouth.
Peggotty had come with David from Yarmouth after Mr. Barkis’s death and Daniel’s departure.
Meanwhile, David was going on loving Dora. He couldn’t think that he was married to her. One day, a wonderful thing happened. Mr. Spenlow told him that the next day was Dora’s birthday and invited him to the party. David was very happy because it was a chance for him. He bought some beautiful flowers and expensive clothes for her.
At the party, there were a lot of well-dressed woman and man. David was jealous of Dora from everybody. Because he loved her with all his heart.
During the party, Dora introduced David to Miss Mills, her friend. She was a beautiful girl like Dora.
There was another man with red moustache. David thought that he was his worst enemy because most of the women gathered round him. One of them was Dora. But he also was talking to a woman in pink. Miss Mills saw that Dora and David were jealous of each other from the other people and realized that they loved each other. But the party had already finished.
David thought about his love for a long time. Then he decided to say to Dora that he had fallen in love with her since the first sight. The next day, he went to Dora’s house and told her it. And he found himself in her arms. Now they were engaged.
One day, David and Peggotty were having tea in their flat, Tommy Traddles, who was his friend from Salem House, came to visit David. David asked him how Mr. Micawber was. Traddles explained that he was the same man. While they were talking about Mr. Micawber, Miss Betsey Trotwood arrived at home from Dover with her suitcases and Mr. Dick. David was very surprised. His aunt was very worried because she had lost all her money in the bank. Miss Betsey Trotwood and Mr. Dick started living there.
The next day, Agnes arrived at David’s home to see Miss Betsey Trotwood. She was sorry about the events. Because Agnes was her lawyer’s daughter. So she was feeling herself guilty. But Miss Betsey Trotwood said that it wasn’t important. After that she became comfortable.
David’s aunt had learnt everything about his love from Peggotty. She warned him to be careful for Dora. Because Dora could deceive him easily.
One day, David met Traddles. During their conversation, Traddles told David that the Micawbers had moved to Canterbury and added that Mr. Micawber had been Uriah’s assistant because Uriah had paid all Mr. Micawber’s debts. David thought about Uriah’s probable plans for a minute.
The next day, David went Miss Mills’s home to meet Dora. He told her that he didn’t have enough money to live together. But she said to him she would always love him even if he had no money.
Several months had passed. David and Dora wrote each other. And occasionally he was able to visit her. One day he arrived at the office for work and Mr. Spenlow greeted him coldly. David saw Mrs. Murdstone in front of him. Then Mr. Spenlow told him that he had found some letters to Dora from him. David explained him that he loved her. Thereupon Mr. Spenlow got angry with David and ordered him not to see Dora again.
The next day he went Dora’s house to see her. But there were lots of people round the house. One of them told David that Mr. Spenlow had been found dead in the road. He felt himself a little guilty for his death.
In the next few weeks, he couldn’t see Dora. Miss Mills reported him that she had gone to live with her two aunts in Putney. Then he got worried.
Miss Betsey Trotwood was very sorry to see David like this. So she suggested him going to see her house in Dover. David agreed willingly.
He saw that his aunt’s house was good and he went to Canterbury to see Agnes, Uriah, Mr. Micawber and Mr. Wickfield. When he saw Uriah, Uriah invited David to dinner. David accepted unwillingly.
While they were eating their supper and drinking their drinks, Uriah explained that he loved Agnes and added that he wanted to marry her. Mr. Wickfield got annoyed and he was taken out of the room. Fortunately, Agnes wasn’t there. But later David realized that Agnes had heard everything. He asked her if she will marry him. Agnes said “no” and added that she wasn’t afraid of him.
When he returned to London, he was delighted to learn that Dora’s aunts had let them marry. They arranged a day for their marriage. And they got married. They started a new life together. But one day, Dora had been ill and her illness was very bad. Nowadays, Daniel came to visit David. And told him that he had found Emily. Emily and Steerforth had separated and she had arrived in London. Daniel was very happy and he said that he would go to Australia with her.
During these days, Mr. Micawber called everybody to Canterbury. When everybody arrived in Canterbury, Mr. Micawber started explaining everything about Uriah Heep immediately. At first, Uriah said that it had been arranged between Mr. Micawber and David and added that he always hated David. After that, Mr. Micawber talked about Uriah’s cheats and added that Uriah had lost all Miss Trotwood’s money. Uriah had no answer. He and his mother couldn’t endure any more. Then they went away from England.
The next day, David went back to London. Dora was getting worse. David called a doctor to examine her. She hadn’t had much time to live. A few days later, she died.
In the middle of his terrible sadness, he received a message from Emily. She had asked David to take a letter from her to Ham. So David went to Yarmouth the next day. The weather was so stormy that everybody couldn’t be at their home to save their life from falling roof. There were some ships in the sea and they were foundering one by one. Ham appeared in the crowd. He was running into the sea very fast to save the people’s life on the ship. But he returned from the sea as a dead. Then David was told that Steerforth was on the ship.
He had no hope for the future. He was extremely unhappy. Because he had lost his wife and his childhood friend Steerforth. Emily, Daniel, the Micawbers had left England for Australia. So he decided to go to Switzerland. When he reached Switzerland, there were some letters which had been waiting for him. All of them were from Agnes. She had written that she always loved David as a sister in her letter. After he read the letters, he understood that how much he loved her.
A year later, David went back to London. He visited his aunt to ask her if Agnes would marry someone. She told him that she wasn’t sure but probably she would marry.
So David went to ask Agnes if there were someone she’d like to marry. Agnes said “yes” but added that there had been someone like this for years. Then David realized that Agnes loved him and offered her to marry him. She accepted delightfully.
Twenty years later, they were living in a perfect happiness they had children. Meanwhile everybody was very happy. Daniel and Emily had made some friends there. Mr. Micawber had become an important figure in a large Australian town. His aunt, Mr. Dick and Peggotty loved playing with David’s children. His old friend Traddles had got married to Sophia and had two children now. And finally, he was going to be a judge.



I think, this book was the most fascinating English story book I’ve ever read. The other books that I read before were boring because I didn’t want to read them. Always my teachers wanted me to read. But I read this book in four days. It excited me very well. It includes a lot of events that can lead us in our lives. I advise everybody to read this book immediately.
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