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Korax 12-27-2008 13:27

Amun (Amun Kimdir? - Amun Hakkında)
Amun (Amun Kimdir? - Amun Hakkında)
Amun is a ruthless teenage assassin, employed by the Sisterhood of the Wasp to serve under the mage Vincent after Araña interrupted the ritual to initiate the Wasp's new chosen one. Amun became a mercenary at a young age, driven by the murder of his father. He passed his audition for the Wasp's employ, battling Araña and critically injuring her partner, Miguel. Amun transferred to Araña's high school, where Anya's best friend Lynn developed a crush on him. Anya recognized him as the Wasp's assassin, while Amun saw Anya's tattoo and discovered her secret identity as well. At first, he threatened Anya's family and loved ones; but after Araña saved his life during a gunfight, he dropped his personal vendetta against her, promising to keep her identity secret and attack her only if he was hired to. He is secretly fascinated with Araña, and respects her deeply despite their mutual enmity.

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