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Standart YDS İngilizce 2008 Soru ve Cevapları

YDS İngilizce 2008 Soru ve Cevapları

YDS İNG / 2008
1. Bu testte 100 soru vardır.
2. Cevap kâğıdında, sınav yabancı dilinizi (İNGİLİZCE) işaretlemeyi unutmayınız.
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
1. – 22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere
uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
1. Stavanger is probably the wealthiest town in
Norway, and its ---- derives mainly from oil taken
from the North Sea.
A) enlargement B) prosperity
C) availability D) emergence
E) arousal
2. Football owes many of its early innovations to
just a few individual players and coaches who
thought deeply about the ---- of the game.
A) experiments B) results
C) fundamentals D) possessions
E) associations
3. Researchers who publish their work in scientific
journals describe their experiments in ---- detail
to be independently performed by other
A) fair B) harsh
C) temporary D) sufficient
E) irrelevant
4. With the introduction in the 1950s of more
advanced sound-recording techniques which
played an important part in the creation of new
styles, pop music became ---- from folk music.
A) distinct B) valid
C) reliable D) changeable
E) definite
5. At all times and in all societies, the tendency to
commit crime ---- increases in early adolescence
and levels off in middle age.
A) randomly B) intentionally
C) adequately D) usually
E) accurately
6. As scientific evidence ---- shows, second-hand
smoking is a serious health hazard that can lead
to disease in children and nonsmoking adults.
A) unfairly B) hopefully
C) incompetently D) unremarkably
E) clearly
7. The ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii ---- over
some 250 acres in the shadow of Mount
A) contain B) extend C) collapse
D) supply E) explore
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
8. The element “zircon” has been important not only
for understanding the age of the continents but
also for ---- when life first appeared.
A) determining B) approving C) providing
D) affording E) supporting
9. Indo-European peoples began entering Greece in
about 2000 B.C. and ---- new civilizations there.
A) came out B) looked after C) set up
D) got on E) kept away
10. The air at the top of Mount Everest, which is the
world’s highest peak, is so low in oxygen that
most people would instantly ---- if they were
exposed to it.
A) pass out B) come back C) get off
D) set out E) move off
11. From fossil analysis it ---- that, at the dawn of the
Cambrian period, which was 542 million years
ago, there ---- a dramatic increase in animal
A) had been established / has occurred
B) has been established / occurred
C) was established / occurs
D) is to be established / had occurred
E) would be established / would have occurred
12. One of the great advances of astronomy over
recent years ---- the discovery of planets outside
our solar system, and it is the first real clue that
we ---- alone in the universe.
A) is going to be / mustn’t be
B) is / were not
C) had been / will not be
D) was / would not be
E) has been / may not be
13. It was during Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901)
that there ---- a more democratic system of
government, which ---- with the Reform Bill of
A) had developed / began
B) has developed / has begun
C) develops / was to begin
D) developed / had begun
E) was developing / would begin
14. Often it is only when people ---- to do their job
that they ---- our attention.
A) fail / get
B) have failed / had got
C) failed / have got
D) will fail / are getting
E) will have failed / got
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
15. The nuclear accident that ---- at the Chernobyl
reactor in April, 1986, ---- to new fears about the
safety of nuclear reactors.
A) has occurred / was to lead
B) would have occurred / led
C) occurred / has led
D) could occur / had led
E) had occurred / may have led
16. The most expensive trip ---- space was made by a
tourist who paid £14 million to Russia to visit the
International Space Station ---- eight days.
A) within / at B) on / in
C) through / by D) into / for
E) for / with
17. Because of Earth’s rotation, a person near the
equator travels a longer distance ---- a given time
than does a person ---- higher latitudes.
A) of / on B) for / to
C) over / with D) within / from
E) in / at
18. ---- we live and grow, we learn the culture of the
society in which we live.
A) As B) Since
C) Even though D) When
E) Whereas
19. Life originated in the sea and evolved there for
almost 3 billion years ---- plants and animals
began moving onto the land.
A) because B) even if
C) before D) but
E) as if
20. ---- ancient Greeks were ---- first people to use
mosaics on a large scale in their palaces.
A) All / all B) The / the
C) Many / almost D) Various / quite
E) Most / each
21. Roughly 100,000 years ago, during the last ice
age, wolves migrated from Eurasia to the
highlands of ---- is now Ethiopia.
A) that B) where C) what
D) which E) who
22. No one knows for certain whether or not people
today lie ---- they did in the past.
A) so that B) so far as
C) as long as D) for so long
E) more than
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
23. – 27. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
ifadeyi bulunuz.
In the nineteenth century there was no easy way to
heat water. People generally used fires to do it,
(23) ---- first they had to chop wood or collect coal,
and then they had to light the fire and keep it burning.
In cities, the wealthy heated their water with gas
made from coal, but it didn’t burn clean, and the
heater had to be lit every time they wanted hot water;
if they (24) ---- to put out the flame, the tank could
blow up. (25) ----, in many areas, wood, coal or gas
was expensive and hard to find. To get around these
problems in rural areas, many farmers found a safer,
easier and cheaper way to heat water: (26) ----
painting a metal water tank black and putting it in the
sun to absorb as much solar energy as possible. But
even on clear hot days it generally took several hours
to get the water hot, and it cooled off as soon as the
sun (27) ----.
A) once B) before C) if
D) but E) since
A) had forgotten B) could have forgotten
C) will forget D) forget
E) forgot
A) Moreover B) As a result C) Even so
D) Therefore E) Instead
A) without B) by C) towards
D) in E) within
A) fell apart B) broke up
C) went down D) took off
E) ran away
28. – 32. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
ifadeyi bulunuz.
London, which is the largest city in Europe, is home
to about seven million people. (28) ---- by the
Romans in the 1st century A.D. as an administrative
centre and trading port, the capital is now the main
residence of the British monarchs, and the centre of
government. (29) ---- possessing many museums
and art galleries, London has many other attractions,
which make it an exciting city, (30) ---- a wide variety
of entertainment. Various cultural developments that
have taken place recently (31) ---- to the city’s range
of attractions. However, there are many other
(32) ---- towns to explore, such as the historic centres
of York and Bath.
A) Represented B) Destroyed
C) Followed D) Changed
E) Founded
A) In addition to B) Rather than
C) Compared to D) In case of
E) Contrary to
A) by B) with C) in
D) from E) about
A) had added B) were adding
C) have added D) will add
E) should have added
A) competitive B) dominant C) efficient
D) fascinating E) vague
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
33. – 42. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
33. Although it has been nearly a century since the
Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean, ----.
A) a number of stories still continue to be told about
the disaster
B) one of the most interesting aspects about the
tragic history of the luxurious ship is the mixed
passengers on board
C) volumes of books and a number of films had
already been produced
D) she was labelled “unsinkable” before her
disastrous voyage in April of 1912
E) the ship initially earned fame as the largest
luxury ship on the open seas
34. Since all countries need to trade, ----.
A) isolation from other societies may bring some
B) France and Germany have highly interdependent
C) too much economic dependence causes a
country to be affected by events in other
D) today, Bhutan is one example of economic
E) no country has complete economic
independence from other countries
35. If it were easy to slow down the rate of carbon
dioxide build-up in the atmosphere, ----.
A) we should have developed several strategies
B) carbon capture would have been just half the job
C) the problem of global warming would never have
become serious
D) 380 molecules per million in our lungs are
carbon dioxide
E) there is no reason why carbon dioxide should be
released into the air
36. Whenever I hear him speak, ----.
A) I am impressed by his ability to convince
B) it reminded me of my father
C) there was a great deal of truth in what he said
D) we remember similar experiences
E) his opponent objected to the interruption
37. ----, but can this prohibition be enforced?
A) It would have been easy to prohibit nuclear
B) Nuclear weapons have been prohibited
C) With the prohibition of nuclear weapons, the
problem was finally solved
D) The prohibition of nuclear weapons is no solution
E) Nuclear weapons should have been prohibited
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
38. Women tend to choose fields of study like
education, English, psychology, biology and art
history ----.
A) if women had lower salaries, less laboratory
space and fewer resources
B) although women comprise 43 per cent of the
workforce, but only 23 per cent of scientists and
C) since many experts who study male/female
differences provide strong support for this idea
D) while men are much more interested in physics,
mathematics, computer science and engineering
E) because there are so few women in the fields of
mathematics and physical sciences
39. Pluto was classified as a planet until 2006, ----.
A) because it was named for the Roman god of the
B) although the “New Horizons” spacecraft made a
voyage there and beyond in 2006
C) when the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
changed its status to that of dwarf planet
D) as it is very difficult for astronomers to collect
reliable information about it
E) while Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are “classical”
40. My sister has a tendecy to buy things she sees
on television commercials, ----.
A) even though she does not need them and often
can’t pay for them
B) since there was not anything wrong with her old
C) in case she has been over-influenced by them
D) as many things had already been sold out
E) because she was rarely really interested in them
41. English is important in Hong Kong for written and
printed communication, ----.
A) whereas it was an English colony in East Asia
until 1997
B) but it is not widely used as a spoken medium
C) which became one of Asia’s major commercial,
financial and industrial centres
D) just as, of 40 daily newspapers, only two are in
E) so Hong Kong English includes words and
phrases from Chinese
42. The atmosphere partially blocks or absorbs
certain wavelengths of radiation coming from the
Sun ----.
A) although scientists have made a thorough study
of them
B) because there is no way to see these
C) before they can reach Earth
D) since astronomers have conflicting views about
solar radiation
E) so long as these wavelengths have been
specified by scientists
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
43. – 46. sorularda, verilen cümlenin hangi sorunun
cevabı olduğunu bulunuz.
43. Yes; it takes me fifteen minutes to get there on
A) What time do you leave for school each
B) How do you get to school every day?
C) Are there any direct buses to your school?
D) Is your school within walking distance of your
E) Do you have time to have breakfast before going
to school?
44. We’re having guests over today.
A) Why are you buying so much food and drink?
B) Why is the house so messy?
C) Are you going to clean the kitchen?
D) What do you usually do for lunch?
E) Who are you talking with on the telephone?
45. It broke many months ago, and I haven’t had time
to fix it.
A) Where did you buy your bicycle?
B) Where did you have your bicycle repaired?
C) Do you go to school on your bicycle?
D) Is that a new bicycle?
E) Why don’t you ride your bicycle anymore?
46. I don’t know; we just have to do the best we can.
A) Why didn’t the teacher give us any homework
this week?
B) How can the teacher expect us to finish this
project within such a short time?
C) Didn’t the teacher say when we have to hand in
the project?
D) Does the project involve much fieldwork?
E) What is the topic of your project?
47. – 50. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye
anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.
47. Since comets appear in the sky without any
signal in advance, people in antiquity and
especially during the Middle Ages believed that
they had a special meaning.
A) Kuyruklu yıldızlar gökyüzünde önceden herhangi
bir işaret vermeden göründükleri için, eski çağda
ve özellikle Ortaçağ boyunca, insanlar onların özel
bir anlamı olduğuna inanıyorlardı.
B) Eski çağda ve özellikle Ortaçağ’da insanlar, gökyüzünde
önceden hiçbir işaret vermeden beliren
kuyruklu yıldızların olağandışı bir anlamı olduğuna
C) Kuyruklu yıldızlar eski çağda ve özellikle Ortaçağ’da
gökyüzünde herhangi bir işaret vermeden
ani olarak göründükleri için, insanlar onların özel
bir anlamı olduğuna inanmaktaydı.
D) Eski çağda ve özellikle Ortaçağ’da insanların,
özel bir anlamı olduğuna inandıkları kuyruklu
yıldızlar, gökyüzünde önceden herhangi bir
işaret vermeden belirirlerdi.
E) Kuyruklu yıldızların önceden bir işaret olmaksızın
gökyüzünde görünmeleri, eski çağda ve
özellikle Ortaçağ’da insanların onlarda özel bir
anlam olduğuna inanmalarına neden olmuştur.
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
48. Not only has St. Petersburg enough canals to
compete with Venice, Amsterdam and Stockholm,
but also it is a city of culture, literature and poetry
in particular.
A) St. Petersburg her ne kadar Venedik,
Amsterdam ve Stockholm ile yarışmasına
yetecek kadar kanala sahipse de, bir kültür,
edebiyat ve özellikle şiir kenti olarak bilinir.
B) Bir kültür, edebiyat ve özellikle şiir kenti olan St.
Petersburg, aynı zamanda Venedik, Amsterdam
ve Stockholm’dekiler gibi kanallara sahiptir.
C) St. Petersburg hem sahip olduğu kanallarla,
hem de bir kültür, edebiyat ve özellikle şiir kenti
olması bakımından Venedik, Amsterdam ve
Stockholm ile yarışır.
D) St. Petersburg sadece Venedik, Amsterdam ve
Stockholm ile yarışmak için yeterli kanallara sahip
değil, aynı zamanda özellikle bir kültür, edebiyat
ve şiir kentidir.
E) Kültür, edebiyat ve özellikle şiir kenti olan St.
Petersburg, Venedik, Amsterdam ve Stockholm’
deki kanallarla yarışacak kadar olmasa da, yine
de yeterli sayıda kanala sahiptir.
49. Although the French explorer Jacques Cartier,
who reached the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1534, is
generally regarded as Canada’s founder, the
Vikings are believed to have reached the Atlantic
coast centuries before him.
A) Fransız kâşif Jacques Cartier 1534’te St.
Lawrence Körfezi’ne ulaştığı için Kanada’nın
kurucusu olarak gösterilir, ancak, ondan yüzyıllar
önce Vikinglerin Atlantik kıyısına ulaştıkları
B) Vikingler ondan yüzyıllar önce Atlantik kıyılarına
ulaşmış olsalar da, Kanada’nın kurucusunun
1534’te St. Lawrence Körfezi’ne ulaşan Fransız
kâşif Jacques Cartier olduğu genellikle kabul edilmektedir.
C) 1534’te St. Lawrence Körfezi’ne ulaşan Fransız
kâşif Jacques Cartier genel olarak Kanada’nın
kurucusu sayılıyorsa da, Vikinglerin ondan yüzyıllar
önce Atlantik kıyısına ulaştıklarına inanılmaktadır.
D) 1534’te Fransız kâşif Jacques Cartier St.
Lawrence Körfezi’ne ulaştığında Kanada’nın
kurucusu olarak kabul edildi, ancak, Vikinglerin
Cartier’den yüzyıllar önce Atlantik sahiline ulaştığı
E) 1534’te St. Lawrence Körfezi’ne ulaşan Fransız
kâşif Jacques Cartier, Kanada’nın kurucusu olarak
kabul edilse de aslında Vikinglerin ondan
yüzyıllar önce Atlantik kıyılarına ulaştıkları bilinmektedir.
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
50. Between the late 15th and 20th centuries, many
European languages were spread to many parts
of the world through commerce and travel.
A) Avrupa dilleri 15. yüzyıldan başlayarak 20. yüzyıla
kadar, dünyanın her bölgesine ticaret ve seyahat
yoluyla yayılmıştır.
B) Birçok Avrupa dilinin 15. yüzyıl sonlarıyla 20.
yüzyıl arasında dünyanın değişik bölgelerine
yayılmasının nedeni ticaret ve seyahattir.
C) 15. yüzyılın sonlarıyla 20. yüzyıl arasında yoğun
olan ticaret ve seyahat, birçok Avrupa dilinin
dünyanın çeşitli bölgelerine yayılmasını
D) Dünyanın pek çok değişik bölgesine Avrupa dilleri
ticaret ve seyahat yoluyla 15. yüzyıl sonlarından
20. yüzyıl başlarına kadar yayılmıştır.
E) 15. yüzyılın sonlarıyla 20. yüzyıl arasında, birçok
Avrupa dili, dünyanın birçok bölgesine ticaret
ve seyahat yoluyla yayılmıştır.
51. – 54. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye
anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.
51. Bugün Likyalılar hakkında bildiklerimiz, 19. yüzyıl
başlarında İngiliz arkeolog Charles Fellows’un
onların uygarlığına ilişkin olarak söylediklerinden
çok daha fazladır.
A) Today, we know so much about the Lycians that
what the British archaeologist Charles Fellows
said in the early 19th century about the Lycian
civilization has lost its importance.
B) The British archaeologist Charles Fellows was
the first to talk about the Lycians in the early 19th
century, but today we know a lot more about
C) Today, what we know about the Lycians is far
more than what the British archaeologist Charles
Fellows said in the early 19th century about their
D) The Lycians were first studied by the British
archaeologist Charles Fellows in the early 19th
century, but what we know about their civilization
has become much more.
E) Although the Lycians were first described by the
British archaeologist Charles Fellows in the early
19th century, today we have much broader
knowledge of their civilization.
52. Gökbilimciler, Samanyolu gibi büyük galaksilerin,
kendilerinden daha küçük olan galaksileri yutarak
çok daha büyüdükleri görüşündedirler.
A) That large galaxies such as the Milky Way grew
even larger through absorbing galaxies smaller
than themselves is the opinion of many
B) The opinion of various astronomers is that the
Milky Way and other large galaxies absorbed
smaller galaxies and, thus, grew larger.
C) Some astronomers have the opinion that, by
absorbing galaxies smaller than themselves,
large galaxies such as the Milky Way grew
extremely large.
D) Astronomers are of the opinion that large
galaxies such as the Milky Way grew much
larger by absorbing galaxies smaller than
E) Astronomers point out that, because large
galaxies such as the Milky Way absorbed
galaxies smaller than themselves, they grew
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
53. Kayak, yaygın bir spor olmadan çok önce,
yabancı ziyaretçiler İsviçre Alplerine harika
manzaralar ve temiz havayla dolu dinlendirici
tatiller için gelirlerdi.
A) Long before skiing became a widespread sport,
foreign visitors used to come to the Swiss Alps
for relaxing holidays, full of wonderful views and
fresh air.
B) For many years before skiing became popular,
foreign visitors would come to the Swiss Alps in
order to experience relaxing holidays with
wonderful views and fresh air.
C) Even though skiing was not a widespread sport
at the time, foreign visitors used to come to the
Swiss Alps for relaxing holidays, full of
spectacular views and fresh air.
D) Since they wanted relaxing holidays with
spectacular views and fresh air, foreign visitors
had come to the Swiss Alps long before skiing
became popular.
E) The Swiss Alps had been popular with foreign
visitors for relaxing holidays, full of wonderful
views and fresh air, for many years before skiing
became popular.
54. Olimpiyat Oyunları, başlangıçta bir gün süren
çeşitli spor etkinliklerinden oluşuyordu, ancak
günümüzde haftalarca süren dünya çapında bir
spor olayı olmuştur.
A) Although the Olympic Games were initially
different sporting activities which lasted for one
day, today they have turned into a worldwide
sports event and take several weeks.
B) At the beginning, the Olympic Games consisted
of various sporting activities, lasting for one day,
but in our time, they have become a worldwide
sports event, lasting for weeks.
C) Originally, the Olympic Games took place on one
day and included different kinds of sports, but
today they have developed into a major sports
event in the world, lasting for many weeks.
D) Once the Olympic Games lasted only for one
day and consisted of many different sporting
activities, but today they have become one of the
major sports events in the world, which last
several weeks.
E) Today the Olympic Games are a major sports
event in the world, and last many weeks, even
though at the beginning they were only a oneday
sports event.
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
55. – 57. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
Mungo Park was one of the first British explorers in
Africa. In 1799, he published an account of his
journey in West Africa. He was not a professional
writer, but a naval doctor of good education who had
been to Edinburgh University. He wrote not for artistic
effect, but to tell a plain story of his remarkable
adventures. Indeed, he wrote frankly, but without
exaggeration, of his own hardships and sufferings on
the journey. Therefore, his style was direct and free
from affectation and obscurity.
55. According to the passage, in his writing, Mungo
Park ----.
A) was always concerned with facts and gave
importance to clarity
B) was keenly interested in fantasies about the life
and people in Africa
C) presented a very complex and detailed account
of what he had observed in Africa
D) was extremely fond of using very complicated
E) paid a great deal of attention to the use of
unusual expressions and images
56. It is clear from the passage that Mungo Park’s
journey in West Africa ----.
A) was undertaken in order to find out about the
kinds of diseases common in the region
B) was originally inspired by earlier British
explorations of Africa
C) must have lasted several decades before he
published an account of it in 1799
D) turned out to be a very enjoyable one, full of
pleasant surprises
E) was certainly not an easy one and involved
many difficulties
57. One understands from the passage that,
professionally, Mungo Park ----.
A) was a respected writer in his time and mostly
wrote books of adventure
B) preferred writing to medicine and, therefore,
carefully studied literary style
C) devoted himself to the solution of health
problems in various parts of Africa
D) was a medical doctor who apparently worked for
the British navy
E) distinguished himself by his valuable studies of
major African diseases
YDS İNG / 2008
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58. – 60. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
Modern İstanbul owes much of its spirit and beauty to
the waters which bound and divide it. There is
perhaps nowhere else in town where one can
appreciate this more than from the Galata Bridge.
Certainly there are other places in İstanbul with more
panoramic views, but none where one can better
sense the intimacy which this city has with the sea. It
is here that the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn
meet, forming a site of great beauty, and together
flow into the Sea of Marmara. Thus, the visitor to the
city is advised to stroll to the Galata Bridge for his
first view of the city.
58. It is emphasized in the passage that the Galata
Bridge ----.
A) is one of the places in İstanbul which visitors
prefer to see in the first place
B) is one of the places in İstanbul where a visitor
can fully enjoy the overall beauty of the city
C) offers the most panoramic view of İstanbul,
unlike anywhere else in the city
D) has always been a very popular meeting place
for visitors to İstanbul
E) presents to the visitor the most panoramic views
of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn
59. It is clear from the passage that the Bosphorus
and the Golden Horn ----.
A) contribute enormously to the attractiveness of
İstanbul today
B) are two waterways in İstanbul which are of vital
C) have always been considered to have İstanbul’s
most panoramic views
D) have never been so famous for their beauty as
the Galata Bridge
E) are the only two places in İstanbul which offer
the most panoramic views
60. In the passage, the writer draws attention to ----.
A) various panoramic views of İstanbul, especially
of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn
B) the geographical features and importance of the
C) the close relationship between the city and the
sea in İstanbul
D) the fact that the Galata Bridge arouses much
interest in visitors to İstanbul
E) the question of how the Sea of Marmara plays a
part in the life of İstanbul
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
61. – 63. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
As a branch of learning, prehistory deals with the
earliest history of man and is therefore part of human
history. However, it comes very close to the natural
sciences and is indeed the bridge between geology
and history. It is much concerned with periods of
time, which are also the concern of the geologist and
the natural historian. Moreover, it uses a great
number of research techniques which essentially
belong to the natural and physical sciences.
Therefore, one may refer to it both as a science and
as the earliest phase of historical study.
61. In the passage the writer tries to ----.
A) prove that, as a branch of learning, prehistory
has developed out of the natural sciences
B) explain the kind of techniques used for research
in prehistory and various sciences
C) show that, unless one has studied geology,
prehistory by itself is of no use
D) answer the question of how prehistory is to be
defined as a field of study
E) emphasize the fact that human history is an
extremely vast and complicated subject
62. One understands from the passage that there is
A) a great deal of common ground between
prehistory and the natural sciences
B) a great deal of controversy among prehistorians
and geologists about periods of time
C) no relationship whatsoever between the
techniques used by the prehistorian and the
natural historian
D) a wide gap between natural and physical
sciences as regards research techniques
E) a great deal of disagreement about the uses of
prehistory in understanding man
63. As can be concluded from the passage, it is
through prehistory that ----.
A) the historian, the geologist, and the natural
historian have learned how to collaborate in
B) geologists have learned about periods of time
C) most issues concerning human history have
been settled
D) some research techniques have been developed
for the study of human history
E) the first phase of man’s history has been
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
64. – 66. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
Every poem conveys an experience and attempts to
arouse certain feelings in the reader. When we have
read a poem and understood its general and detailed
meaning, we should try to decide what feelings the
poet is trying to arouse in us. A poem may affect
different people in a great variety of ways, and it is
often impossible to define a poet’s “true” intentions.
Our interpretation of a poet’s aims is, therefore,
largely a personal matter, but at the same time it
should never be far-fetched.
64. It is clearly emphasized in the passage that each
reader of a poem ----.
A) must always relate his or her own experience to
the poem by first defining the poet’s “true”
B) should, in the first place, focus on the poet’s
“true” intentions and then try to understand the
general meaning of the poem
C) may come up with a different interpretation of
what the poet may have aimed at in the poem
D) must be prepared to be emotionally influenced
by the poet, whose aims can then be understood
most clearly
E) must be concerned only with the detailed
meaning of the poem rather than with what the
poet may have intended
65. There is a point made in the passage that, in
interpreting the aims of a poet in a poem, we
should ----.
A) first try to understand how the poem may have
been written
B) always avoid making unlikely comments
C) never be guided by our feelings, and use
different ways to understand the poem
D) completely ignore both the poet’s and our own
E) carefully study what special feelings the poet
may have intended to avoid
66. It is asserted in the passage that a poem ----.
A) is essentially the expression of an experience
B) always deals with the poet’s own feelings in
different ways
C) definitely gives rise to all kinds of feelings in the
D) usually has a single meaning shared by every
E) always has the same effect on all of its readers
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
67. – 69. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
We all know that there are beautiful buildings and
that some of them are true works of art. But there is
scarcely any building in the world which was not built
for a particular purpose. Those who use these
buildings as places of worship or entertainment, or as
dwellings, judge them first and foremost by standards
of utility. But apart from this, they may like or dislike
the design or proportion of the structure, and
appreciate the efforts of the architect to make it not
only practical but also beautiful.
67. The writer argues that practical usefulness ----.
A) is the single most important feature for a building
to become a true work of art
B) is the only aim of every architect in designing a
C) should never be taken into consideration in the
design of a building
D) is what makes a building look beautiful and
architecturally exceptional
E) is the primary principle by which a building is
evaluated by its users
68. It is pointed out in the passage that not only
utility but also beauty ----.
A) is scarcely taken into consideration by users of
B) has been ignored in the design of most buildings
C) is of secondary importance for architects
D) is a desirable quality of a building
E) should not be an architectural concern
69. The writer implies in the passage that every
beautiful building ----.
A) does not have a practical purpose to serve
B) is not necessarily a “true” work of art
C) has been designed either for worship or for
D) need not have been designed by an architect
E) is always appreciated seriously by its users
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
70. – 72. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
The word “Renaissance” means rebirth or revival,
and the idea of such a rebirth began to gain ground in
Italy from the fourteenth century onwards. When
people of the period wanted to praise a poet or an
artist, they said that his work was as good as that of
the ancients. For instance, the early Renaissance
painter Giotto was praised in this way as a master
who had led to a true revival of painting; by this,
people meant that his art was as good as that of the
famous masters whose work they found praised in
the classical Greek and Roman writers.
70. According to the passage, the Renaissance ----.
A) had already started in Italy before Giotto became
famous as a painter
B) began as a complete imitation classical Greek
and Roman authors
C) was an artistic revival that came into being in
Italy in the fourteenth century
D) would not have begun if Giotto had not imitated
the ancient masters of painting
E) was originally inspired by ancient Greek and
Roman writings
71. In the passage, attention is drawn to the fact that,
in appreciating a Renaissance form of art, ----.
A) we ought to have read beforehand the works of
classical Greek and Roman writers
B) one should always bear in mind Giotto’s
importance as an artist
C) the people of Italy in the fourteenth century
turned for comparison to Giotto’s works
D) the people of the time tended to compare it with
its classical example
E) one must be fully familiar with the art practised
by the famous masters of the past
72. We learn from the passage that Giotto ----.
A) relied a great deal on famous classical painters
to develop his own art
B) played a leading role in the revival of the art of
painting in the Renaissance
C) was greatly influenced by the works of classical
Greek and Roman writers
D) was seriously worried about the development of
painting during the Renaissance
E) first studied the classical art of painting and then
decided to become a painter
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
73. – 75. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre
One of the most familiar sights in İstanbul is perhaps
the one least visited. This is the Maiden’s Tower,
which is called “Kız Kulesi” in Turkish. It stands on a
little island of rock a few hundred metres off Üsküdar.
Its Turkish name is derived from an ancient legend
concerning a princess who was confined there by her
father to protect her from a terrible prophecy; the
prophecy was that she would die from the bite of a
snake. However, despite every precaution taken for
her safety, she was eventually bitten by a snake
which had been smuggled out to the tower in a
basket of grapes.
73. It is clear from the passage that the story of the
princess ----.
A) describes a real incident which took place in the
B) deals with a funny situation in which her father is
C) shows how indifferent her father was about her
D) is a sad one, which may arouse pity in the reader
E) actually has nothing to do with the Maiden’s
74. It is clear from the passage that ----.
A) despite all the measures taken for the safety of
the princess, the prophecy came true
B) even though the princess did her best to avoid
the prophecy, her father acted irresponsibly
C) contrary to her father’s strict orders, the princess
allowed the basket of grapes into the tower
D) however much he loved his daughter, the father
was careless about the protection of the princess
E) although the princess was inexperienced,
nobody had warned her about the dangers of life
75. It is pointed out in the passage that, although the
Maiden’s Tower is among the most famous
landmarks of İstanbul, ----.
A) most people are just beginning to be interested
in its history
B) its location out in the sea is an obstacle for
people who want to visit it
C) the story of the princess confined there has long
been forgotten
D) the ancient legend about the princess has
become popular only recently
E) very few people seem to be interested in going
out to see it
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
76. – 80. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca
en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.
76. My brother’s work involves a great deal of travel,
so we don’t get to see him very often.
A) I wish we could see my brother more often, but
he always seems to be away on business.
B) My brother is sometimes away on business, so
we can’t see him then.
C) We aren’t often able to see my brother as he has
to travel a lot on business.
D) Even if my brother didn’t travel so much, we
probably wouldn’t see him very often.
E) When he isn’t away on business, we do manage
to see my brother quite often.
77. I’m sure they would have come to the concert if
we had let them know about it in advance.
A) They never received an invitation to the concert,
so naturally, they could not attend it.
B) Apparently, they didn’t attend the concert
because they were only invited to it at the last
C) They were sorry not to attend the concert, but
the invitation came too late.
D) If the invitation had reached them a day or two
earlier, they might have attended the concert.
E) If they had known beforehand that there was
going to be a concert, they would certainly have
78. A few of the couples danced really well, but the
majority were very poor indeed.
A) Most of the couples were no good at all, but
there were a few who danced extremely well.
B) Among the couples who danced, some were
good enough, but others were no good at all.
C) Among the couples there were more good
dancers than there were bad ones.
D) Actually, some of the couples danced
remarkably well, but most were very ordinary.
E) There were some couples who gave a very poor
performance, but most of them danced
reasonably well.
79. Much to our surprise, everyone arrived at the
meeting place on time, so this was a good start
for the trip.
A) Surprisingly enough, the trip turned out to be a
great success even though there were many
B) The trip began well as we were surprised to find
that everyone had come to the meeting place at
the appointed time.
C) Everyone made a really big effort to get to the
meeting place on time, so the trip had a good
D) The trip started well, with everyone at the
meeting place on time, but then came some
unpleasant surprises.
E) We were little surprised that everyone had
arrived at the meeting place before the trip
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
80. Arriving at work every day, employees are strictly
required to be punctual.
A) The management has asked employees here to
arrive at work on time.
B) Employees had better arrive at work on time
every day.
C) Employees working here arrive on time every
D) Employees have to arrive at work on time every
E) Arriving at work on time every day is suggested
for employees.
81. – 85. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada
anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek
cümleyi bulunuz.
81. Imagine you are planning to buy a small car. Two
models stand out: a small car that does not use
much gas, and an expensive sports car. After a
good deal of checking, you decide on the sports
car. ----. You ask yourself whether or not the more
economical type would have been more suitable.
A) But as soon as you have driven it home, you
wonder if you have done the right thing
B) And the sports car has side air bags and a CD
C) After you have bought it you know you’ve made
the right choice
D) The good features of the chosen car outweigh
those of the other one
E) In order not to regret your decision, you
exaggerate the faults of the other car
82. The commonly recognized differences between
comedy and tragedy are fairly simple: comedy is
funny; tragedy is sad. Comedy has a happy
ending; tragedy has an unhappy one. ----. There is
some truth in this statement, but only some.
Some funny plays have sad endings, just as
some tragedies do not make the spectators feel
A) Many plays of Shakespeare are examples of
romantic comedy
B) Aristophanes, Shakespeare and Molière are
three of the greatest masters of comedy
C) The plots of Greek tragedies were based on
legends with which the audience was familiar
D) The typical ending for a comedy is a marriage,
and the typical ending for a tragedy is a death
E) It is quite unnecessary to classify plays into
various kinds of writing
83. The word “Celtic” comes from the Greek Keltoi,
first appearing in the sixth century B.C. to
describe peoples living inland from the
Mediterranean Sea. These people weren’t united,
but called themselves “Celts”. ----. Trade by sea
also connected them. Calling them “Celts” makes
sense to separate them from what they weren’t:
Roman or Greek.
A) Today some 2.5 million people claim to speak a
Celtic language
B) However, these peoples spoke closely related
languages and shared beliefs and styles of art
C) In the fifth century A.D., the Anglo-Saxons
invaded Britain, which was inhabited by Celtic
D) Today, Celtic culture survives in some parts of
Europe, such as Ireland
E) The Celtic languages were most widely spoken
in various parts of ancient Europe
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
84. The Vikings sailed from their overpopulated lands
in Scandinavia and attacked other lands. They
invaded parts of England, Portugal and France.
They took away the gold and land of other
peoples. ----. In fact, they were undoubtedly the
most feared people of their time.
A) Similarly, the Vikings had a sophisticated literary
culture and an organized system of government
B) Therefore, most Vikings converted to Christianity
by the late 10th century
C) They also established colonies stretching from
North America to central Russia
D) On the other hand, their kings were buried
together with their ships and their possessions
E) However, they were very advanced in
85. The Spanish are known for their friendliness and
joy in living. ----. During the time between
midnight and dawn, the streets are often full of
people enjoying themselves. These are not only
young people, but one can also see the elderly
among them.
A) Spain is Europe’s third largest country, so getting
around can take a lot of time
B) The Spanish lived in extended families in the
past, but this is not common at present
C) Spain has a greater range of landscape than any
other European country
D) Many visitors to Spain come not only for the
beaches, but are attracted by the country’s rich
cultural heritage
E) They commonly put as much energy into
enjoying life as they do into their work
86. – 90. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenmiş
olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
86. In a football match, a friend has unfortunately
kicked the ball into his own goal and naturally
feels very badly about it. The other members of
the team don’t hide their annoyance, but you
wish to comfort him and say:
A) You always make this mistake. Next time, be
more careful.
B) Forget what they say. It can happen to anyone,
you know, even in big matches.
C) They are very upset. You should have done your
D) Promise you’ll never do it again.
E) How could you be so stupid as to send the ball
into your own goal?
87. You are good at languages, and wish to make a
career in banking. A friend’s father is a bank
manager, so you decide to seek his advice. You
A) I am very interested in banking. Could you tell
me how useful it is to speak a foreign language
when making a career in banking?
B) Are you glad you made a career of banking?
What other languages do you speak?
C) What languages does one have to speak if one
wants to apply for a job?
D) Did you speak any foreign languages when you
started your career in banking?
E) Don’t you think banking offers more opportunities
for someone like me?
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
88. A group of friends are planning to spend the day
walking in the mountains. You want to join them,
but aren’t sure that you will be able to. You don’t
want them to wait for you after 7:30, the time
arranged for the meeting. You say:
A) I’ll probably be there by 7:30, but I hope you’ll
wait till 7:45.
B) I’ll try not to be late.
C) I may be a few minutes late; you’ll have to
forgive me.
D) Don’t go without me. I really do want to come on
this expedition.
E) If I’m not there by 7:30, it means I’m not coming.
You set off.
89. Your classmates are trying to persuade you to
produce the end-of-semester play. You don’t
think you can do it successfully, so you refuse to
produce the play, but offer to help in some other
way. You say:
A) Why not get John to produce the play? He’d do it
B) I produced the play last year, so I know I can do
C) I could produce the play but I’d rather do the
costumes; I’m good at sewing.
D) I can’t possibly produce the play, but I’ll willingly
help with the costumes.
E) I don’t want to have anything to do with the play
this year.
90. Your parents have temporarily limited your
mobile telephone and computer time because
they think that you will be able to concentrate
better on your studies this way. You disagree
with them on this point, and want them to let you
use these devices whenever you want. You say
politely and reasonably:
A) It’s not fair! All my friends can use their
computers and telephones whenever they want.
B) Well if you won’t let me use my mobile phone or
the computer when I want, I’ll go to my friends’
houses and use theirs!
C) I don’t think using my mobile phone or the
computer keep me from studying properly. Let
me use them, and you’ll see that my marks won’t
go down.
D) I’ll try it your way for a month, but if my grades
don’t improve, I want my telephone and
computer time back.
E) But I need the computer to do my research
projects for school! And I can’t live without
sending messages to my friends every day!
Can’t you understand?
91. – 95. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş
bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.
91. Paul :
- We won the first three matches, but not the
fourth; so we didn’t make it to the finals.
Harry :
- ----
Paul :
- Yes; I suppose we were unlucky. And we only
lost by one point.
Harry :
- Yes, that certainly was close.
A) Remember, there have to be losers as well as
B) But you won three out of the four matches; and
that’s excellent.
C) Never mind. Better luck next time.
D) What did the coach think of your performance?
E) Was it bad luck? I am sure you played extremely
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
92. Janet :
- Have you read any plays by Shakespeare?
Pam :
- ----
Janet :
- Well, most people find it difficult to understand
his writing.
Pam :
- It may be so, but as a dramatist he is a genius.
A) Is there a certain play you like most?
B) Quite a number. Why do you ask?
C) Do you mean he is the greatest English
D) Are you asking whether his tragedies are better
than his comedies?
E) Indeed, all of his plays have always been very
popular throughout the ages.
93. Dan :
- What’s going to happen in next week’s part of
the series?
Ian :
- Your guess is as good as mine. But obviously
the hero won’t die of his wounds.
Dan :
- ----
Ian :
- Because when the hero dies, the series comes
to an end!
A) He might, you know.
B) I hope you’re right.
C) He’s pretty badly wounded though.
D) Isn’t it possible?
E) How do you know?
94. Polly :
- What’s the matter with Mary? She’s not her
usual bright self.
Gwen :
- ----
Polly :
- Poor Mary! No wonder she looks so tired.
Gwen :
- She certainly does. But she’ll get used to it in
A) I hadn’t noticed any change in her.
B) She and her brother have quarrelled and it upset
C) Well, her mother fell and broke her leg, so Mary
has to do all the housework.
D) There are problems at work – she doesn’t like
her new boss.
E) She isn’t sleeping very well. She’s worried about
something, but won’t say what.
95. Robert :
- I read an article about alternative energy
sources. According to this article, wind power
is the fastest-growing source.
Sarah :
- ----
Robert :
- Why is that? It’s such a clean power source.
Sarah :
- Some say that wind turbines are noisy and a
threat to birds and bats.
A) Really? As far as I know, there is a lot of
opposition to it.
B) Some critics say the more different our energy
sources are, the better.
C) Most developed countries prefer wind power to
other energy sources.
D) I don’t think that wind power is an economical
E) Scientists suggest that the use of alternative
sources will increase a lot.
YDS İNG / 2008
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
96. – 100. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda
parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan
cümleyi bulunuz.
96. (I) He woke suddenly and completely. (II) It was four
o’clock, the hour at which his father had always
called him to get up and help with the milking.
(III) His father had been dead for thirty years, and yet
he still woke at four o’clock in the morning.
(IV) Though it was somewhat dark, they could see
each other’s faces. (V) He had trained himself to turn
over and go back to sleep, but this morning, because
it was Christmas, he did not try to sleep.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
97. (I) There are many boat owners in Amsterdam
offering canal tours. (II) The boat traffic in the
Amsterdam canals is heavy and can sometimes be
dangerous. (III) In addition to the daytime sightseeing
trips, there are night cruises. (IV) The latter often
provide various refreshments, make a stop at a pub,
or serve a romantic dinner. (V) As regards the price,
some of these cruises are reasonable, while others
are not.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
98. (I) It is very easy to notice poor-quality spices.
(II) They tend to be small, broken, dusty-looking, and
they should not be bought. (III) Also, do not buy any
that have been exposed to light and air. (IV) To find
good-quality spices, it is usually better to go to a
specialist supplier rather than to a supermarket.
(V) In recent years, the number of supermarkets has
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
99. (I) Stephen Longstreet was a writer of novels and
detective stories. (II) There are many different forms
of art, such as dance, music, and literature. (III) He
was also an accomplished artist. (IV) While living in
Europe in the 1920s, he became acquainted with
some famous artists. (V) Henri Matisse and Pablo
Picasso were among them.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
100. (I) The author of a story usually chooses the title very
carefully. (II) It may call attention to a character or
suggest something about the story itself. (III) It may
even hint at the theme that the story expresses.
(IV) Most short stories have unexpected endings.
(V) Moreover, it may give the reader an idea about
the meaning of the story.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

22 HAZİRAN 2008
1. B
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. E
7. B
8. A
9. C
10. A
11. B
12. E
13. D
14. A
15. C
16. D
17. E
18. A
19. C
20. B
21. C
22. E
23. D
24. E
25. A
26. B
27. C
28. E
29. A
30. B
31. C
32. D
33. A
34. E
35. C
36. A
37. B
38. D
39. C
40. A
41. B
42. C
43. D
44. A
45. E
46. B
47. A
48. D
49. C
50. E
51. C
52. D
53. A
54. B
55. A
56. E
57. D
58. B
59. A
60. C
61. D
62. A
63. E
64. C
65. B
66. A
67. E
68. D
69. B
70. C
71. D
72. B
73. D
74. A
75. E
76. C
77. E
78. A
79. B
80. D
81. A
82. D
83. B
84. C
85. E
86. B
87. A
88. E
89. D
90. C
91. E
92. B
93. E
94. C
95. A
96. D
97. B
98. E
99. B
100. D

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İçerik sağlayıcı paylaşım sitelerinden biri olan Forum Adresimizde T.C.K Madde ve 5651 Sayılı Kanun'un 4.cü maddesinin (2).ci fıkrasına göre TÜM ÜYELERİMİZ yaptıkları paylaşımlardan sorumludur. hakkında yapılacak tüm hukuksal Şikayetler ve dan iletişime geçilmesi halinde ilgili kanunlar ve yönetmelikler çerçevesinde en geç 1 (Bir) Hafta içerisinde yönetimi olarak tarafımızdan gereken işlemler yapılacak ve size dönüş yapacaktır.
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