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Windows Vista Juggalo SP1 32bit  indir download

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Windows Vista Juggalo SP1 32bit indir download

Windows İşletim Sistemi

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Alt 07-13-2009, 14:21   #1
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Standart Windows Vista Juggalo SP1 32bit indir download

Windows Vista Juggalo SP1 32bit | 3.01 GB

Author: (NewAge-ost) BMAN, Buster67, Cranky Chimp

Ok first What Is A Juggalo?


To anyone not in the know, the term "Juggalo" is given to someone who is a fan of ICP. but the reality is that the term has a deeper meaning to those who consider themselves one.

Scrubs: The kid in class that never had a snowball's chance with the prom queen. The fat kid who never was good at sports and got picked on by the jocks.

"..I speak for the crazy, I speak for scrubs
I speak for the thugs pissin' in your hot tubs
I speak for the people that you always say don't know how to act
We like'em just like that.."

"Take Me Away" from Bizaar

Family: Being a Juggalo is being part of something bigger. When you are labeled a Juggalo, that means there are legions of people who are down

Rebels: "Is someone who the world is against all of your life, the world is always trying to show you how much better it is then you. Everyday of your life something in the world keeps trying to push you down to the bottom of life and make you think that you are the trash it keeps telling you, you are." ***

I'm a juggalo and juggalo's are a family and we just don't give a f*** what you say....I mean we care enough to yell... and we care enough to threaten...and make up imaginary hatchet attacks, we even care to spam every website that even implies ICP is talentless, but other than those things.....we don't give a f**K!

I love it one also here is some more things you forgot to add about Juggalos & Jugalettes
(1)They are free to go to another Juaggalos house and go through the fridge without asking.
(2)They always have each others backs
(3)They know bringing Fago to your house makes a for a party.
(4)They are down for life.
Now back to your OS I love it like I said and I am glad you made it and being the wife of X I know he will download it for me..
And know this if you are ever in Ohio you have a place to stay Juggalos and Jugalettes are always welcome..
Down 4 Life

ok with that beeing said no more question's

Ok good here is our MasterPeice For The JUGGALO'S MCL

Download Links Before Tuesday Jan 27th

as of right now 2.94 gig iso

No of DVD's : 1 in ISO image format

Minimum System Requirements:

· 40 GB of HDD space
· 512MB of Graphics Memory (Capable to run Windows Aero)
· 17’ inch Monitor (1024 x 768)

Activation included in start menu is two different pizza for vista (Run As Admin and restart after install)
8 Devious Themes Installed, Fonts, And 2 New Screen Savers
All New Juggalo Wallpapers And Juggalo User Icons
Special Programs Added in A Folder In the Start Menu (Not Installed must run to install)
BMAN'S Fix is a reg tweak use if u want but read the read me before use


What to do when u have all parts of the zipped iso

1. unrar

2. Burn the iso file to a dvd and run setup while in windows
or mount the iso file and run the setup file in windows

3. when in setup hit install and agree with everything
when it say custom or upgrade hit custom then hit yes
this will save all your current files to a folder on the c: \
called windows.old ok now it installs for about 45 min

4. after a while it will star asking u a few questions go through
and fill them out for your computer settings and time and
date and all that let it finsh up and probly restart but

5. when you finally get to desktop look in the start menu for the
Activation folder there is two different pizza in that folder
one called

MSDN ive used this twice and worked

and another called

Activation I have used this one a lot it works good

6. Right click one of those and hit Run As Admin the yes and go through setup
after the stop restart and hit the start menu right click on computer and hit
properties scroll down wait a sec and it should say activated

Then install all updates and other programs you use and enjoy

Brought to you by: BMAN, Buster67, Cranky Chimp

Screens : PreView 1
download link : for USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia,EU. For ALL Peoples
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